NOW OFFICIAL! Xbox Fans Lash Out After Sony's PS5 News Because They Want Microsoft To Do It!

December 24, 2020 35 Views

This is exactly the type of news fans have been clamoring for and Sony seems to have gotten it right. The PlayStation 5 is clearly the front runner for this generation, but that doesn’t mean Sony can just sit back and not pay attention to what fans are wanting and asking for. That’s what sets apart the true consumer friendly companies from the faux.


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  1. Reasons why I hate Xbox
    – No Exclusives Games until 2022
    – Microsoft continues to brick people’s Xbox Series X consoles
    – Quick Resume is totally useless
    – They officially discontinued offering 12 Month Xbox Live Gold
    – Halo Infinite Graphics are terrible
    – failed in Japan
    – Anti Consumer
    – Still gotta Pay Xbox Live Gold for f2p games really, why
    – And the Xbox Series X|S console design looks ridiculous

  2. Reason I hate ps5
    All exclusive are going to last gen lol except one like Astrobot.

    Underpowered when the xbox is catching up on development .

    Size its really big in my opinion but they tried to go futuristic I will give them credit.
    Having games that are not worth the price and can get much better game for less the price.

    Anti consumer making ton of games time exclusive talk about that lol and you call xbox anti consumer they bought Bethesda and are still giving games to ps so how is that anti consumer again?