Republican Georgia election official has a message for President Trump

January 6, 2021 25 Views

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  1. “ALERT 🚨….American’s freedom is attacked. They attacked FIRST AMENDMENT very seriously”

    “ When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty” – Thomas Jefferson

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within."- Abraham Lincoln 🦅🇺🇸

    This happened when too much MONEY and CORRUPTION involved.

  2. No matter the sequence of shutdown in Fulton County, the restart video clearly shows Ruby Freeman repeatedly re-entering the same stack of votes removed from the dumbly-coined "suitcases", as wrongly stated by President trump. His mistake does not negate the election fraud conducted on that night, as over 93% of Fulton County's ballots were admittedly "adjudicated" to electronic files by this very body of election officials for transport and editing by a qualified supervisors.

  3. Hi Mr. Sterling. Why are multiple LAR sheets in Fulton Co blank? Why do over 50% of the ballot boxes not have seals? Thank you for fact checking the claims of the POUTUS that came from AMERICANS but you did mention 9k votes counted without official and 50k+ without observers and media right? Isn’t that alone illegal? Did the LAR include any of those ballots? I understand the reporting software for the audits results had an update during day 2 of recount. I’m sure that code has been vigorously checked by multiple election and software firms from both sides of the aisle right?

  4. There may yet be nasty surprises before Joe Biden can be sworn in.

    The swearing in may be disrupted.
    It is surrounded by doubts that
    the handover of government to in coming presdent will be smooth!, if not uneventful.

  5. You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil; with you the wicked cannot dwell. The arrogant cannot stand in your presence; you hate all who do wrong. You destroy those who tell lies; bloodthirsty and deceitful men the LORD abhors.

  6. 1. Trust God
    2. Trust President Trump
    3. Trust our military
    4. Trust those who have earned your trust from the body of their life’s work (understanding we are all imperfect)
    5. Trust your common sense
    6. Trust your instincts
    7. Trust yourself

  7. Republicans like this we need to get out no more rhinos no more Mitch McConnell's no more Lindsey Graham's no more Mitt Romney we need more populist I don't think people understand that the conservative party is the future party people are catching on to the Democrats I talk to people everyday that are finding out they got scammed CNN told him there was no Hunter Biden story and then a week after the election there comes out a story I'm so glad I'm not a Democrat anymore

  8. Also Senator Ray smith, giving statistics on illegal votes in 2020 election in GA, at 4:44

    2,506 -felons illegal to vote

    66248 – underage/ineligible to register to vote

    2423 -not listed as registered

    1,043 -used PO BOx address – not eligible

    4,926 – registered to vote after their voter registration date

    10,315 – died by the time of the election

    395 – cast ballots in another state – same as voting multiple times – illegal

    15,700 – filed a national change of address with usps prior to november 3rd 2020

    40,279 – moved across county lines less than 30 days before election day and failed to properly register to vote in the county they moved – violates georgia voting law

    most of the stats have not been explained as to why they occured…. Biden won Georgia by only around 10,000 votes

    Recently news came out that, before the senate runoff, one county in Georgia ordered 25 Million voter registration packets at 3:44

    thats more than 2 times the population of Georgia State

  9. Remember Brad Raffensperger, and Gabriel Sterling, stating that the voting machines can no way be connected to the internet,

    here's Eric Coomer, presentating voting machines for the same company, and at 44:40, clearly explaining they can be configured for

    various wireless chipsets

    Here's Jovan Pullitzer, accessing the voting machines live (his 2nd time) while runoff voting was taking place

    At 6:47 he shows identity of wireless device communicating with voting machines, Hui Zhou – city in China, Gaoshengda – tech company that makes electronic components including wifi interface devices. This device is inside at smart TV, inside the vote counting room.

  10. The Ruby freeman video which gabriel sterling, and raffensperger like to "show" as "debunk", never explains things like in here

    at 5:57 bottom right video CLEARLY shows no poll workers were around when they took out ballots under table and started counting.

    THERE IS NO LAW stating its ok to count ballots when no poll observers watching, even if Gabriel Sterling said oh, the poll watchers already saw the boxes being

    moved UNDER the table.. VOTE COUNTING NEEDS OBSERVERS that is law.

    Also in this video of same incident, we see them clearly ballot stuffing.i.e putting same batch of ballots through same machine multiple times

    Recently released video of Ruby Freeman, Shaye, and Ralph Jones Snr, with Audio (can be heard if earphone maxed)

    Also another ballot stuffing incident caught in same place, Georgia

    from 2:51 onwards