HDMI 2.0 – The Xbox Series X and 1440p @ 120Hz

December 12, 2020 11 Views

Do you need HDMI 2.1? I mean, yes! But do you really need it to enjoy the gaming performance of the Xbox Series X?

That is what I set out to test. I spent the first day I had this console testing out the various HDR formats, refresh rates and overall settings using two displays.

I didn’t feel that after spending a lot of money on my TV and great monitor I needed to rush out and get HDMI 2.1 and I decided to wait. But what does that leave me missing out on?

Time Map:
00:00 – Start the Video!
01:05 – Unboxing Coming Soon
01:20 – Various Questions about Next Gen
03:23 – Xbox Startup and HDMI 2.1
04:50 – Xbox Settings for 4K TV
05:35 – Xbox Settings for LG GN-850
06:02 – Unlocking 120Hz on a 1440p Monitor
07:10 – COD Cold War Playthrough 120Hz
08:35 – How to Enable 120Hz on Monitor
09:45 – 1080p @ 120Hz on 4K TV
10:35 – Input Lag at 1080p Resolution
11:30 – Streaming with Next Gen Consoles
12:15 – 4K HDR Gameplay
13:30 – Pro’s and Con’s

Links To Buy: (Paid Links)
LG GN850 34″ – https://amzn.to/3gDqKn0
Sony X900h 55″ – https://amzn.to/3a2HSRF
Samsung Odyssey G7 – https://amzn.to/3a4a7zu
Acer Predator XB271HU – https://amzn.to/3ahQGn9
Xbox Series X – https://amzn.to/3oLf4kL
Asus TUF Gaming VG32VQ1B – https://amzn.to/3a93agz
Elite Series 2 Controller – https://amzn.to/3gFtznv

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  1. There draw back with next gen tech. Explain series x has Ability convert slightly older game like rise of tomb raider to next gen game using Dolby vision tech. Unlike PS5 which only has atmos audio playback ability only and don’t want pay Dolby Laboratories royalties for excess to their Dolby vision tech. Note series s also has only Dolby Atmos only because it was designed for pc monitor with 1440p and those still using HD TV. Only thing gaming console wise is series x only one as long tv support it and sound bar or sound system if not using such things with tv just make sure tv does.

  2. I read somewhere that this LG monitor goes to 120hz 1440p on the XSX only if variable refresh rate is turned off, as AMD freesync is only usable over HDMI up to 100hz. Is it noticeable that variable refresh rate is not being used? I was thinking of buying this monitor but am now looking at the Dell S2721DGF instead

  3. Hi there, I wanted to point out that while you might have experience a bit of input lag on your tv over the monitor Is worth mentioning that some tvs will have a major advantage over others when it comes to input lag and the same goes for monitors. I definitely prefer to play call of duty on my monitor over the tv but I do actually play at a very high pace when it comes to call of duty,while any other games such as assassins creed or tomb rider I would definitely prefer to play it on my tv because of how immersive the experience is,yiu really get that feel of 4k quality even if it is just 4k /60fps specially if your tv is a tv with great visuals in general. My cousin however has no problems whatsoever playing call of duty on his 1080p tv that doesn't even hit 120fps because is an old tv,just a matter of preference and how important playing video games really is in your life. I think most people should go for a 4k decent tv option at 60fps. I tell you this much,the only game I play on my monitor is call of duty because of the speed, other than I would play on my monitor but from the computer simply because my pc is way more powerful than any other gaming console available prior to release of ps5 and xbox series x. Now i think i will definitely see my self playing more on my tv than before akl those ganes I used to play on pc however call of duty will always continue to be played on my computer monitor due to lightning fast input lag for competitive gaming in my personal case.

  4. I managed to stumble across this same ability with my LG monitor, it was telling me I didn’t the capability then all of a sudden with a bit of fiddling I released the 120Hz as you just displayed.

    Now that I have that I’m really happy but without an FOV slider I cannot enjoy the game to its potential in Series X.

  5. Hi, I currently have the Optix MAG271CQR from MSI which is a 1440p Monitor with 144hz and HDMI 2.0
    So if I understand this right, I should be able to get 120hz with 1440p right? If somebody answers this, please like my comment so I get a notification 🙂 Thanks!

  6. hilarious my friend's brother said he had a 2016 Sony TV and he has the new PlayStation 5 running at 4K 120 hertz?????? I'm like dude that's impossible he's like no no look and I'm looking at the TV and it just didn't look right it look like crap