Anime memes that will turn you into a weeb

January 11, 2021 55 Views

Some memes for you to enjoy.

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  1. By the way, there are two videos on this site that showcase uncensored clips from Queen's Blade. One video contains the bath scene where the characters have a brawl (I believe it uses the original dub) and the other shows clips of Melona's transformations (uses the English dub). I will not reveal the links as the videos might get taken down for nudity if I do.

  2. That cockroach thing happened to me. I was at my grandma’s house which was at a rural area, I was going around, and I felt like something was falling on me. I didn’t find anything, so I moved on, just to feel a tickle on my neck. I quickly grabbed it and FUCK IT WAS A BUG, as an instict I threw it to the ground and smacked it’s dumb ass with my shoe while simultaneously being at the verge of shitting my pants. Still creeps me up to this day…

  3. The weeb disease: ( unofficially ) exists.

    The space marines of 40k: you death will be quite, if you reveal the source of your corruption.

    The three sacred beats: first the furry disease, now it's the weeb disease?
    What in the actual hell?