Testing FIFA 21 On The PS5 -POV Gameplay Test, Unboxing

December 31, 2020 10 Views

Greetings everyone, we’ll be Testing FIFA 21 On The PS5 -POV Gameplay Test.
The Next Gen Version of FIFA 21 was released for PS5 3 December 2020.
Thanks to the PS5’s more powerful hardware EA Sports have managed to bring many new features and mechanics to FIFA 21 Next Gen, such as muscle deformation for example.
FIFA 21 also has ball compression – the ball compresses as it’s hit by the player which adds a sense of weight to the ball and creates a more authentic experience.”
On the visuals side, FIFA 21 runs in dynamic 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, and has deferred rendering and runtime lighting, which improves the texture realism.
Now lets focus on the game on test how well it runs on the Playstation 5.
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