More arrests made after riots at the US Capitol

January 9, 2021 36 Views

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  1. easy to find? They screamed "here I am, come get me" to the FBI. Then like a really bad movie- like green lantern with Ryan Reynolds. The movie is out but you don't want to watch but you have to because it is part of the dc extended universe. But you watch and you point out everyone in the movie and think. I will never watch another movie of yours because of the awful things you did in the movie. And you advertised your involvement. The rioters were like snake handlers. What else do you think those rioters will do next? Trustworthy?

  2. Oh look CNN showed you a thumbnail of an antifa memeber who openly dressed as an American supporter of Trump. How come they haven't showed the video of him changing into trump clothing under trees before entering Congress. LoL! Wow

  3. What’s interesting to me is now we are enforcing the law. When people attack of the government we enforce it but when they attack small businesses we don’t care? Or is it when they’re antifa andBLM we just don’t care? What’s the agenda?

  4. That lecturn guy who's lawyers say was just in the capital not involved is on other video up on the chairs platform with viking guy leading the protesters in prayer he sure looks more involved than a guy who just walked in and looked around he shouted prayers complete with fbombs and profanity with a key player but he has the best defence money can buy

  5. A Capitol police officer died; along with 4 other people. What happened to felony charges for guilty by association when someone dies?
    Do those charges only apply to black people, when someone dies during a commission of a crime?

  6. Adam has been seen at BLM same with the baphomet dude (Jacob Angelo) an actor, not who this guy says, one was that leftists, governors son Sullivan! Can’t make this stuff up! Super privileged! Terrible reporting!

  7. what's going on with the republican's base and their leaders intelligentsia? it seems that after Obama's elections, the republican's leaders began espreading a great nomber of conspiracies and hate language against the democratic base that colminated in the raid on the Capital on Jan 6th. I suspect that many republican lawmen hated the idea that a black president was their president, and they found a platform like Fox news to aired and promote their conspirasies. And in turn, the republican base antiracial tendensies was ignited to the point that they were able to justify commiting a crime based on obiouss lies and defunk conpiracies.