RTX 3070 vs PS5 + Xbox Series X

December 9, 2020 58 Views

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X are awesome, but how do they compare to a PC Build where the Graphics Card alone is $500

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  1. If Xbox is your console a choice it makes sense to invest into a pc especially if your in the crowd who bought a Xbox then got a series x that’s 1000 bucks within 2 years and still playing the same games

  2. This year is probably one of the best in the while for value when building a PC (if you disregard scalpers). A brand new build is closer to $1500 for a 3070, Ryzen 5 5600x, mother board, RAM, SSDs, cooling, and PSU. Also, once you buy most of these depending on your choices you’ll probably have to update only your GPU, CPU, and MOBO. This is obviously pretty steep compared to a console, but compared to the 2080 Ti for example the 3000 series cards have incredible value and the new AMD 5000 series CPUs are also great.

    I built my original PC for $1000 in 2017, and I’m going to spend $800 upgrading some parts this year (some of them are 5 years old now). But on the flip side, I’m also able to sell my old parts for about $300, so my overall cost is $500.

    This is still more than a console would cost if you bought one every 5 years, but when I think about the money I save not having to rebuy games that aren’t backwards compatible, not having to pay online, and the steep discounts on games for a large portion of the year I honestly think I’ve pretty much broken even. Especially when PS5 games are $70 on launch, while PC are $60, and the PC is able to emulate older consoles for free. I’ve played hundreds of dollars worth of games for a really low cost because of the platform, and I’ve saved a lot of money by not having to pay for online. Additionally, more games are being resold (like DMC5) with just a single feature added like ray tracing, resolution, or framerate. On PC you can usually customize that yourself. Also, a high-end TV will often cost more than a monitor of the same or higher resolution and refresh rate.

    Then you have to take into account how much people pay for work laptops and if you need that power. I’m a programmer and the tests I run often spike CPU usage, and it’s also really nice to host what I want while also watching YouTube and playing games. With COVID my desktop has become my primary work device, and so I feel like I’m paying to also have a great system to work on. My PC lets me take up tons of new hobbies like 3D modeling, posing, and digital painting through the Adobe suite.

    For me it’s definitely worth the cost to have the freedom, and the cost itself isn’t as steep when taking into account the cost of games, online, and the permanent ability of your parts and purchases. Downloaded games will pretty much always be there, especially with platforms like GoG. Modding support straight up remasters some of them for free (check Skyrim modding nowadays, it’s phenomenal). Once you take the initial dive into building a PC, it’s often just a matter of replacing a part every few years, and you can always gift or resell your old part.

    I was considering moving to console, and for some people console is perfect for their needs. But if you’re someone who thinks they need a device that will do more than game, or just generally wants more control over their own platform and experience, PC can be a lot of value.

  3. Starting from point Zero this makes sense to run with console. The PC side if you are looking at upgrading from say an RX 580 or GTX 1070 and you have a decent CPU its more of a level playing field and makes more sense to drop in the GPU upgrade. Side note is going to be the difference in other tasks like streaming, recording, running editing software etc

  4. We don’t really have a game that pushes these consoles. Even the ps5 updates don’t make these games to much more than a better looking ps4 game with a frame rate boost. But a ps5 game that utilizes every ounce of power these machines have inside has yet to be released.

  5. Just built my first PC mid range spent close to 800 with mouse and keyboard plus a starter monitor 27”. It legitimately puts console to shame. Legitimately considering selling my ps5. If it wasn’t for certain exclusives I think it would be a piece of garbage.

  6. Should not compare avg framerate since consoles are capped to a certain resolution. E.g. Rainbow Six Siege is capped at 120fps on consoles while on PC can go higher. At the end, PC can have a avg fps higher than 120fps even if it drops below that framerate at times…

  7. Slightly better FPS but Much better graphics. 3070 for the win. My build was 1200$. Ryzen 5600x, MSI RTX GeForce Ventus 3x 3070 OC Edition, 16 GB corsair RAM, 1 TB Samsung SSD, MAG B550 Tomohawk Mobo. Runs great. But i play 1080 Ultra settings rather then 4K. Lock them frames above 100. I will say laying in bed with a controller is 100x's more comfortable then sitting 2 ft. from my monitor hovering above a M&K.

  8. To compare native 4K ultra settings on PC versus the framerate on PS5 is kind of ludacris. There is plenty of data to show that console graphic settings are not same as ultra settings on PC. To really compare the two you should use PS5 comparable graphic settings on a PC.

  9. First, you compared FPS of Valhalla at 4K Ultra High settings to a console port, which would barely be running on Low- Medium settings with High Texture Quality.

    Second, No one sane enough, actually plays at the Highest Quality preset, no matter the GPU they are using. People generally stick with High settings to get a good balance of Visuals and performance.

  10. Mostly (Sony) PS5 Pro or what so ever enhancement of PS5 they named, maybe released in 2023. Advanced PS5 with upgraded memory and from my calculations, maybe the new PS5 still using the same 16GB GDDR6 256-bit but with faster clock than the previous PS5 that boost the bandwidth around 560 GB/s. Almost 25% increased of speed. While they may also double the GPU performance with 4608 shaders that boost the FP32 around 20 – 24 TFLOPS. All of these are just my predictions. And why 2023??? Maybe that time these improvement will significantly cost less than nowadays as you can see like RTX 2080 Ti price. Overkill…

  11. Obviously PC has the better performance if you're willing to put in the money. But these consoles have fantastic performance for the price. Judging by the current PC market situation, I doubt we'll be seeing PC's that can be built for $500ish USD that also perform as well as the PS5 and XSX for at least 3 years, possibly 4 years. We'll need at least 1 more GPU generation, possibly 2, and a significantly larger supply of GPU's on the market to make buying/building PC's with gen 9 console performance at console prices happen. This certainly isn't a repeat of gen 8, and that's a good thing.

    On a side note, I do really enjoy the freedom of PC gaming. I play AC Valhalla at a locked 1440p at an average of 75fps because I can tweak settings. Same goes with other games. Being able to tweak the settings for my specific hardware is great. That said, I'm very impressed and very happy with the new consoles as well. Having the faster loading times and significantly more powerful hardware is a god send for the console gaming space. Finally console players get to enjoy a similar performance experience to what me and many of my friends have been experiencing on PC for the past few years.

  12. Consoles died in appeal to me when they moved away from the local split screen to mostly online multi-player. As that's the most frequent use case nowadays, a PC does that, but just better. And that's just gaming. PCs can do the one thing consoles can and better, AS WELL as a plethora of things consoles can't.

  13. You pay 3 times more at the start but when you have to pay for ps plus for 7 years and buy games at full price for 7 years over time it’s more or the same price of the pc. While on the pc you can do anything you want on it from homework to making the video games. And let’s say you want to upgrade you can just sell the part and upgrade that one specific part. Also you don’t have to worry about what settings the developers want you to play the game on. If you like playing games at 240 FPS at 1080p be my guess and don’t forget about modding it can change a whole game like gta role playing for example. Last thing here DMC 5 had ray tracing on pc before the consoles it’s called modding and the exclusives thing one day all exclusives are gonna be on pc thanks to emulation.

  14. Your comparing a graphics card to two consoles that are the same price as it not including case, ram, cpu, cooling, hard drives, mouse, key board, psu, motherboard, etc. No one cares that a 500 dollar graphics card with a proper pc build of idk 1000+ dollars can outrun the new consoles. We wanna see a pc equivalent of a new console. Oh wait, I guess if you wanna spend well over a thousand dollars here it is…lol

  15. Here's the answer you needed.
    Buy a PC equal to the price of a console. You will get worse performance. I agree. But it will be better for the long term. And then save up your money for 1-2 years or more depending on your salary and then just sell the pc. You will have enough money to buy a high end PC and you won't regret. Plus you will be able to keep upgrading every generation just by selling your old pc or gpu or cpu in the matter because that will be better.

  16. I prefer PC but also play PS5. The one thing I felt could've been mention is the long term cost. There are videos showing 10 year old PC's with new Graphics cards swapped in that run games extremely well. If you get/build a PC with a great motherboard and CPU, you can slowly from time to time upgrade parts or add things as you go. You could spend prob $800 on solid Motherboard and CPU with other entry level stuff and then upgrade things a year later or whatever. You don't have to spend $1500+ day 1. 5 years or less from now people that are getting these new consoles will then also get the new versions of them and what not. If you add up the costs console players spend over the course of 10 years it's not much more than PC users and PC gets more games, we are starting to get Sony Exclusives, and obviously will get all Xbox exclusives. The only real argument against PC is couch gaming and even then it is debatable I don't really prefer playing my PC on my tv since I have to get up and go to my desk to launch and do things. I rather have a comfy chair that I can lean back in and I game on a 48" LG CX OLED that's on a stand behind my desk. I prefer to be pretty close to my display too so PC is just my preferred way of playing. I have friends though that literally play at a desk with a monitor but use an xbox and they have the money to afford a PC but just think they're too complicated and what not which is not true at all.