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I have given it some time playing my Xbox Series X and A lot I may say, In this video I give My Xbox Series X Review And if its Worth the buy or Upgrade. What’s it like to own one? Is gameplay legit? Does the new Series X controller make a difference? What are the best Xbox Series X features? These are all questions we want to know and this video will answer those question! Sit back and Enjoy! Let others and Myself know your review on your Xbox Series X in the comments below!

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  1. Hey, the smoking console was real. The rest were fakes using a vape. A guy from Poland made the video and reported it to Xbox. They didn't believe him but after looking into it they realized that his console did indeed smoke. They sent out an apology tweet for their mistake on the Polish Xbox Twitter account. I only heard about this a while ago.

  2. I keep my Xbox Series X standing up, but my reasoning for that is because I have it in the corner so I keep it standing up because if I lay it down the vent would be against the wall, there is a difference my Xbox ONE X got so hot it’s too hot to touch, but the Xbox Series X barely gets warm, I do agree it is a good purchase and it’s worth getting!

  3. Mine did have to be sent back, the player was vibrating a lot. It was so bad my wife thought we had work trucks outside because our couch was vibrating. I mean Xbox was really good and owned up to it and is fixing the issue at least.

  4. Hey great video man u just earned a new sub I was one off the few lucky ones to secure my xbox series x so I had it for some time I also had the Xbox one x at launch as well it is a big difference in my opinion from the Xbox one x because of the older cpu in the Xbox one x but u are right as far as visuals it is not a super big difference unless it is ray tracing involved and if you have a tv that is hdmi 2.1 capable than in that case it is a huge difference tbh IMO. Or if anyone have a PC with a monitor that output 1080p at more than 60fps locked than u a understand what I mean because a lot of games is sort of locked at 60 on the Xbox one x but some say they are locked with a few dips here and there.

  5. Awesome video man just found your channel just subscribed. Can you talk about why people dont need the 8k tv or 4k tv with hdmi 2.1? Many ppl think they have to have it i think its great if they can afford it but the console itself is expensive as is and people dont realize most games will try and hit 4k 60 frames and HDR. So a regular hdmi 2.0 is enough for sure

  6. It would be very hard to knock the xbox series X over It's something you would actually have to try to do. This Box is not designed to be laid on its side you have to lay it straight up it looks too good