Trump impeachment: Looking back at other US presidents who were impeached

January 14, 2021 40 Views

As Donald Trump makes history as the first US president to be impeached twice during his presidency, Global’s Sharmeen Somani takes a look back at all the other U.S. presidents who have been impeached so far, including Trump’s first time.

With only a week left in Trump’s term, there were no messages from the White House fighting the impeachment proceedings as the National Guard napped during breaks in the halls of the Capitol. Some congressional Republicans did defend the president during Wednesday’s House debate in impeachment, their words carrying across the same space violated by rioters one week earlier during a siege of the Capitol that left five dead. In the end, 10 Republicans voted to impeach.

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  1. So basically, no other president has been impeached before, hence the misleading article. Trump was impeached twice and is still our prez for a couple more days. Don't care wither way, but the misleading (and false) title is a symptom of many of today's politics.

  2. On January 13th, 2020 Donald Trump was impeached the second time for inciting a violent attack of Americans against a group of American government officials including his own Vice President. 4 Americans died including a police officer.
    Which impeachment offence was worse?
    I think Donald Trump takes home the prizes of not just being the worse but the only President who has been impeached twice.

  3. Trump should be mad about being compared to Nixon , Nixon was better than Trump and Trump deserves to be the worsts President they ever had. I wish equal karma to Trump for all the things he did in the 4 years . He did one thing right he lost the election and the country fired him , and now they made America great again.