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The Indiana Pacers defeated the Toronto Raptors, 129-114, splitting the two-game back-to-back series. Malcolm Brogdon led the way for the Pacers with a career-high 36 PTS, along with 7 REB and 9 AST, while Fred VanVleet tallied 25 PTS, 4 REB and 6 AST for the Raptors.

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Indiana Pacers at Charlotte Hornets – Jan. 27 at 7pm/et on NBA League Pass

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  1. is it every game the raptors fans complain about fouls? like god damn watching Kyle Lowry molest a dude then throw his hands up in the air complaining about the call has infected their brains

  2. I swear raptor fans are some of the most toxic in the nba, the refs weren’t calling shit until the 3rd quarter, to all of the people saying we’re a first round exit we were down 3 starters after the 1st quarter, we have a new coach, Myles turner is DPOY candidate and leads the league in blocks. Our 5 starters and our top 4 bench players are all capable of going off for 20 points on any given night, good luck to the raps tho

  3. I just noticed the pacers have 1st and 2nd unit to play this game, today tuner sacrificed him self to come off the bench in the 2nd unit also mcalum has been playing good I hope every 1 of this players stay healthy, on the other hand I don't see SIAKAM what happen to him I only see vanvlet and powell Playing good and some other role players.

  4. The fact that nick nurse put in Matt Thomas for about a minute and the guy gets a 4 point play and then you Bench him for the rest of the game is really confusing. He makes no sense when it comes to rotation and it’s making it hard to like nick nurses coaching, like you got to do better

  5. In the game the raptors were highly disliked by the refs as miles turner shot 4 consecutive free-throws which were barely a foul. On the first one kyle lowry touched ball first and barley touched miles. Second foul happened all the way at the other side of the court where chris got the offensive board and for some random ass reason miles turner gets the foul for a light touch even when chris boucheir was slapped by like 3 people. These 2 plays were crucial to the ending of the game.

  6. The only way to get a new player who could bring another ring to raptors is Lotery draft pick, all NBA star never reach to the Free agency bc they all got max/supermax contract re-signed year ahead. The eastern conference is so loaded now that the current raptors roster could not hope to make it to the final again.

  7. Raptors should start giving more minutes to the young players not Lowry. His defense is good but his got too many bad decisions. It seems that he is the one dragging them all along.

  8. Another game decided by the NBA Officials. "A Parade to the Free Throw Line", as coach Nurse puts it. 45 attempts for the Pacers, and 27 for the Raps, who had Pacers doing whatever they wanted all night. NBA is becoming a JOKE!. Winners are decided before the game starts. It's only a game, and still it's corrupt HELLO Adam Silver…Hello McFly!! Fix your league.

  9. Just don't understand how Matt Thomas isn't playing? He is our best 3 point shooter and Nick refused to use him. Raps played better without Klow. He is getting beat by faster PGs. Don`t mind that we are tanking as we need a lottery pick.