The Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

January 20, 2021 30 Views

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  1. A virtually virtual inauguration of your virtual president…

    The funniest thing is that kamAla was sworn in first, so technically she is the first woman vp…under Trump.



  2. It astonishes me what all these cultists in the comments genuinely believe.

    Your president was good friends with Epstein, and had HOW MANY rape accusations? The tantrum-throwing manchild who spawned an attempted insurrection to halt a democratic process after he lost, after EVERY SINGLE ONE of his lawsuits couldn't hold up. Oh, and when that failed, he disavowed you dumbasses.

    Oh, and no, there isn't a shred of even PARTLY feasible evidence to suggest the election was rigged or stolen. The snowflakes are crying because their God Emperor lost.