LEVI vs The BEAST Titan (ROUND 2)!! | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Breakdown

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This video explains episode 7 of Attack on Titan season 4, in which Levi and Zeke battle for the second time! This episode also includes the epic reveal of Armin’s colossal titan, a subtle throwback to Grisha’s Yaeger’s past and Eren gaining the power of a 3rd titan shifter. The forces of Paradis seem to have the upper hand against Marley and Armin’s escape plan is going well.

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AOT S4 episode 7 was called Assault. It picks up where we left off, with the Jaw Titan about to be destroyed by the scouts, however before they can shoot their thunder spears, Pieck arrives just at the right time. The Panzer unit wipe out several scouts with machine gun fire but luckily not anyone we actually care about.

At this time, Eren is still casually holding the crystal containing Lara Tybur but she launches a surprise attack with the warhammer titan. This final attack used up the last of the warhammer titan’s energy, as in the previous episode she exhausted herself by creating a ton of weapons, such as the hammer, sword, crossbow and a giant pillar. With no energy left, the warhammer titan had nothing to give from this moment onward, the beast titan soon arrives. Unlike Pieck and Porco who were trapped by that Marlyean soldier, Zeke was instead sent to the front gate and it’s still unclear why.

Moving on, we finally got confirmation that Falco and Reiner are alive. Throughout this series we’ve seen how titans can partially manifest for a specific purpose, like when Eren needed to stop that cannonball, or even earlier in this episode when the partial warhammer titan made its final attack. Reiner did a similar thing to save Falco.

As the scouts try to avoid both machine gun fire and rocks being thrown at them, Mikasa finds a way through an attacks the warhammer titans crystal with a thunder spear. After biting the titan crystal, Eren realises he can’t destroy it thing by himself.

The beast Titan then directly calls out Levi to fight, seeking revenge for his crushing defeat the last time they met on Paradis. Zeke makes it clear that Levi is his mortal enemy and not Eren.

At the dock we see an unknown person in a tiny fishing boat and it is none other than Armin himself, who is just basking in that titan electricity. His mission is to wipe out the incoming Marlyean soldiers and destroy the port. His colossal titan generates an explosion so big that it obliterates the port, sending warships flying in the process.

For those that maybe forgot how armin is able to do this explosion, he controversially gained the colossal titan in season 3, with this being the first time we’ve ever seen him use it’s power in action. The collosall’s unique ability enables it to have a wide ranging explosive transformation.

Porco is triggered by these events, as Armin’s appearance confirms beyond any reasonable doubt that bertolt has been killed, which is something Marley suspected but didn’t actually know for sure. Bertolt trained together for years with the other warrior candidates so Porco lets his rage get the better of him and decides that he can ruin whatever the scouts are planning if he can kill eren and steal the founding titan.

Levi takes advantage of the confusion by sneaking up behind the beast titan and dicing him up for a second time. In yet another traumatising moment for Gabi and Falco, they watch on as Levi detonates an explosive inside the Beast Titan’s nape, which is a sure-fire way to kill almost any titan.

Armin continues to walk forward in the wake of his destruction, crushing everything in his path.

Eren’s genius plan then comes into action, as she shoves the warhammer crystal into Galliard’s mouth, knowing the jaw titan has the power to destroy it. He lifts Porco up in this intense scene, as the crystal gradually begins to crack until Lara Tybur delicious blood falls into Eren’s mouth. By consuming her spinal fluid, Eren has stolen the warhammer titan after centuries of it being within the Tybur family. He the first person we’re aware of to have 3 distinct titan shifters in one body. However even that is not enough, as Eren then has the audacity to try to eat the jaw titan next.


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  1. It was not a surprise that Jean pulled the shot. ON the early days they hesitated a lot and learned from thsoe experiences. each one of them are now a battle hardened soldier. Each of them knows what is at stake and know if they hesitate it could cost them everything.

  2. this is my theory. I believe eren is gonna collect all of the shifters and maybe destroy them. It sounds dumb because they are just reborn into another right? But at the same time that's only true for the shifters. what if all titan abilities comes together and he breaks the cycle. and i have to disagree. the marleyans had no right to send kids to kill the eldians. They were literally living in peace. they were the ones mistreating the leftover eldains in Marley. They are the ones who sent hella pure titans. And they are the ones who wanted them eridicated. If they wouldve just accepted that theyre on an island and just leave them alone none of this would've ever happened deadass. I was hella happy that they were all trashing Marley. Fuck em. King karl sought peace and they screwed it up. So i'm glad eren is gonna kill all of them. Well i hope he does atleast. Eldians gave them an option. and they basically refused. the only thing I blame the eldians for was not telling the people why they were actually surrounded by walls and their history. other than that the eldians had every right to conquer. It called war lol. You thought they werent gonna use the titans? also if jean wouldve hesitated again i wouldve been pissed. After riener there was no way he was gonna do that again.

  3. Can anyone without spoiling simply answer yes or no to this question?

    Let's say eren has 4 years left until he dies due to the curse of ymir, if he ate more titans would more time stack up? Like if he ate Zeke he would now have 5 years, or he even has more time now from eating Lara Tybur???

  4. When the beast Titan says Levi is his enemy and not Eren and then later says something like “time is ticking by Levi” could that actually mean he was waiting for Levi to get him and let him take him down so he can join Eren’s side later. That would explain why he was sent to a different place to hat Porco and Piek.

  5. Zeke isn't dead no way. no scene to confirm levi's actions? and then he bursts into a smoke cloud instantly after pulling the pin? that shits a smoke grenade son. eren knows grishas memories eren knows zeke is his brother.