President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris depart the U.S. Capitol

January 20, 2021 30 Views

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  1. As false post adulations starts preceding Biden it may be too early to celebrate considering his disposition given he barely had any success as a previous vice president and primarily could be a downside for the U.S given he is incompetent and under qualified based on previous performance, meaning he will be nothing more than a political puppet with no real sense of direction while under the control of other under qualified people around him are pulling the strings. Get ready for one hell of a show.

  2. It costs 116 billion annually for illegal immigrants. Joe Biden wants the wall stopped and let them in. That is purely insane. The cost of the wall is a one time expense. When it is done, it will protect us and be paid for. Letting them in will add yearly to the 116 billion a year for immigrants. Not wise at all. There are numerous people from Guatemala coming to enter our country now. It will ruin our country. When are they going to say stop, we cannot have anymore coming in. Does anyone ever wonder why now all of a sudden? If it is part of a chaotic takeover we are in trouble. We are in the end of times, it is a sign of the times.
    You have to house, feed, school, teach language, medical, transportation. Then if they commit crimes, pay for court, incarceration or in some cases deportation. You are talking about much additional expenses.

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