FIFA 21: PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S – The Next-Gen Difference Tested

December 20, 2020 54 Views

UPDATE: A correction on Xbox Series S: this version runs at a native 1080p, contrary to the description at 2:21 in the video. Apologies for any confusion – tests of Series S show in-engine gameplay appears to render at a capped 1920×1080 right now, while other next-gen versions run at a native 4K. We will update if any form of 4K support is added down the line.

One of the most remarkable series upgrades in recent years – FIFA 21 showcases Frostbite engine’s Strand Hair Technology. Hair on select players is vastly upgraded, adding physics on each hair strand to give life-like results. Tom and Alex comb through the PS5 and Series X versions, comparing it to FIFA 21’s appearance on last-gen machines.

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  1. Apart from improved graphics, you should know that the PS5 game actually is not playable because of a total miscalibration of the new Dual Sense controller and its new haptic features. There are also big frame drops during a match, which are caused by activated haptic feedback. A fix could be to turn off the haptic features of the controller in the settings of the PS5 and to turn of haptic feedback in the game settings. But it seems that this solution is not a guarantee to avoid these problems. There are some gamers, who have reported that they have always to reactive and deactivate the haptic feedback in the game to „refix“ the problem. EA seems not very engaged to solve this problem as they are not seeing an issue in the game. They are currently investigating. Maybe you as Digital Foundry could analyze this problem concerning the haptic feedback and the big frame drops?

  2. Wait wasnt nvidia hairworks allready next gen 10 years ago? This is a joke right? The game is played with a topdown view so it pretty much looks the same than any other fifa game of the last 20 years. EA: ''Cant you see the nextgen in the cutscenes??? you dont actually play in'' People be like: ''wait so the promised graphics are pretty much ..sort of… pre rendered… cutscenes'' ?? Does that sound familiar? XDD EVERYONE ELSE: pissed off because the game looks different in those cutscenes than in actual gameplay. EA: ''We just put these cutscenes directly into the game so people are not pissed off anymore'' GENIOUS

  3. So the only difference is resolution the s series will have the same animations just renders at a lower resolution? I am waiting on my S series to arrive thanks to the scalper bums buying out all the X series stock

  4. That flickering is not just isolated to the hair, in certain situations you notice it on managers clothes and players tops as well as on the pitch when you’re in the pause menu. It’s very subtle but it’s there. Surely they should be patching this