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January 21, 2021 33 Views

Big Story about AP Politics on Great Andhra. War of Words between Andhra Pradesh Ruling Party YCP leader Kodali Nani and TDP leader Devineni Uma. Even Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan fired on Kodali Nani. We can also see AP Ex-Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s heated comments on Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan in this video.

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  1. YCP lo kanna TDP, BJP, Janasena, Congress, Communists and other party kukkalu (CBN donga sommulu tinna vallu) and vedavalu and panikimalina chetta gallu akkuva. Veellaki donga sommulu monthly salary rupamulo CBN daggaranunchi andutuvuntundi. Ee panikimalina adavalaki andinappudalla neechamuga kallu tagina kotullaga agiri agiri padutu vuntaru. Veeru andaru appudu chaste appudu AP bagupadutundi. Jai AP and Jai India.

  2. I dont support any party…i did a small analysis on Andhra politics… what will happen to each of 3 political parties after 10 years…given their past and current status..

    1) YS jagan garu…48 age, 16 years of political experience, 5 years under his dad, 11 years own political paty, 1 time mp, 1 time mla…. current CM…potential CM for next 9 years…. strong back up as CM candidate his sister….. he also has experienced MLAs in 151 seats….. some of them have come from other parties….after 10 years he will be 58 with overall 26 years of political experience… he will stronger n stronger..

    2) Naidu garu 70 years, 43 years of successful political career…no successor to the party… next 10 years he will be 80… its very difficult to get back to power , with no strong back up party president…. after him, what will happen to party

    3) pawan kalyan garu.. 7 years of party, 1 single MLA seat that too that mla supports ysrcp, pawan garu has only 6 years of part time political experience…. but party is not strong…. JD garu, rapaka garu, kalyan dileep, 3 most experienced people are not with him… today he and nadella are only 2 known faces…can they win 85 seats in next elections? Is it realistic?… after 10 years kalyan garu will be 60 years… will party survive for 10 years without funds??
    Janasena could not stand as 1 party…they supported TDP, then BJP,…now chiranjeevi is entering…is it indicating pawan garu as a leader not able to run the party.. chiranjeevi will be 75 and nadella will 66 years after 10 uears from now… what will be the future

    This is how it will be…. analysis says ysrcp stands strong as of now…but things may change, but needs lot hard work for opposition parties to get into power before 10 years

    What is the future of andhra