WHY ARE THESE SOLD OUT!? | Sony PS5 Pulse Headset Review

January 6, 2021 28 Views

Why is the sony ps5 pulse 3d headset constantly selling out at retail stores? In this video I review the NEW PS5 pulse headset to see how it works and how good the product is. I purchased this during the target PS5 restock.

Sony PS5 Pulse Headset Review | WHY ARE THESE SOLD OUT!?

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  1. Yo jay. Them things are dookie. Wear them for a hour straight and then make the review.. you gonna come back talking bout ur head hurts. They arent comfortable for long wear trust me. Ill ne waiting for the updated review.

  2. FR son! , It feels like garbage on the ears it hurts after a while of gaming I have to take em off due to the weight and ear cups being to small I wonder if we can change em to a third party cups