Famous Anime Characters and their Favorite Food

January 23, 2021 33 Views

– By browsing many sites, I noticed that there are characters who have favorite food for them and are elaborately drawn so that it appears appetizing, and I have selected the characters from popular anime series and searched for each character and what their favorite food is, and I will later create a large list of characters And her favorite food, I hope you like this video.

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Famous Anime Characters and their Favorite Food
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  1. JoJo characters Favourite Foods:

    Jonathan: Grapes, Wine

    William: Sandwich, Wine

    Dio: Breads, Blood

    Joseph: Cola, Squid Ink Spegeti, Kebab, Ice Tea

    Jotaro: Foods made by his mom, Chai, Ice Tea

    Kakyoin: Cherry

    Abdul: Ice Tea

    Polnareff: Ice Tea

    Iggy: Coffee Flavoured Gum

    Josuke: Foods made by his mom

    Okuyasu: Foods made by Tonio

    Koichi: Foods made by Yukako

    Yoshikage: Duwang Sandwich

    Giorno: Chocolate Pudding, Octopus Salad

    Bruno: Squid Pasta, Porcini Mushrooms, Grilled Scallops

    Abbacchio: White Wine, Arugula Salad, Margherita Pizza

    Narancia: Pizza, Orange Juice

    Mista: Tuscan White Beans, Pizza, Strawberry Cake

    Fugo: Panna Cotta

    Trish: French Water, Sour Salad, Crab