Tapper: Will there be any consequences for the politicians who incited this violence?

January 10, 2021 29 Views

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  1. Go and report first the destruction made by ANTIFA protesters before you keep on publishing this. Looting, arson, vandalism, and murder by violent ANTIFA protesters. Like China destroying statutes of Religions and pulling down hundreds of church crosses. CNN is communistic.

  2. Thank you for shining a light on this. Know one seems to have much to say about this the lives lost the capitol stormed. My god had this happened 20yrs ago 40 80yrs ago this country includeing there own party would come for them! This country is so numb so detached . and mind you all based on lies trump couldn't care less about this country or anyone in it. But this is what happens in government when your choice for president is hillery or trump. Where are the leaders our best and brightest . my god we have been fooled and have know one to blame but our selves.