GAARA VS ROCK LEE!! (PART 2) | Naruto Episode 49 REACTION | Anime Reaction

January 26, 2021 78 Views

GAARA VS ROCK LEE! – Naruto episode 49 reaction – I watch and react to Naruto for the FIRST TIME EVER in this brand new Naruto reaction series with Naruto episode 49!

What was your first reaction to Naruto? Do you watch it? Let me know your thoughts on Naruto in the comments below!



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  1. Gaara's getting scary after somehow body swapping with a sand fake mid-air in a split second, Lee being considerably weakened by the Lotus. So it's time for a mid-battle flashback!

    Lee's origins just show how much protagonist factor Lee has, the hard worker with limited ability, overshadowed by the gifted teammate, if he had a demon fox in him he'd be almost the same as Naruto. But in showing that Lee will never give up, we see how Lee intends to bounce back.
    The Lotus blooms twice. In his confidence and clearly contrary to Kakashi's protests, Guy taught Lee one of the most powerful Taijutsu skills ever, the ability to open the Eight Inner Gates. Each Gate completely breaks a limiter in the body, but will also strain it, so it's essentially like the Kaio-ken of DBZ but limited to 8 specific ones, unlock all eight and you can have overwhelming power but you will die in the process, thankfully Lee hasn't gotten that far, but he has 5 Gates – and he intends to use them.

  2. And after this fight everyone forgets who rock lee is. But to be honest rock lee later in the series gets serious side step which really sucks to people who seen OG Naruto. I’m referring to rock lee screen time in shippuden.

  3. Gaara is such a badass I love how he just rises behind Lee and is ready to butcher him 😀 what a wholesome backstory Lee has, they do a great job making you feel for him, sympathize with him and root for him 🙂 its really a fight between two heavyweights, big characters so it has huge weight 🙂 liking what I see from you buddy 🙂

  4. That moment man… when you said "this is fucking crazy". Those moments are why I watch this show, it's easy to forget when you're watching the lowkey and "boring" episodes that it's setting you up for the huge payoff. If everything was rushed and throwaway it wouldn't have nearly the impact it does. Get prepared for many more moments like these where you just go "what the fuck am I watching"