Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5 Startup and Load Times Test

December 11, 2020 34 Views

#XSXvsPS5 #Cyberpunk2077

Xbox Series X (XSX) versus PlayStation 5 (PS5) Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Comparison – Startup Times, Load Times, Quick Resume from another game, Fast Travel and Load a Save File

Same test on next gen game:

0:00 Startup from Dashboard
0:49 Quick Resume
1:14 Resume after Sleep
1:48 Fast Travel
2:18 Load Save

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  1. All this comment section is is little kids drooling over the Xbox (PS5 sucs!11!!1 Xbox so muc fastr and koolr!) with the occasional sprinkle of the sensible people who look at the technical side of things, and the people who say both consoles are great. I have to say though, both consoles have their downsides. Both have their upsides. It honestly depends what game you are playing. It’s good that after sleepmode the ps5 puts you back on the log in screen. A robber could easily grab the x and play games on it, making it a target for robbers if they are able to get their hands on one. With the 5, the robber would have to learn the password (if you have one; which most do.)