Hermit Home Designer – Help An Anime Girl Design Her Rooms In A Straightforward Game With No Twists!

December 30, 2020 50 Views

Yamasen-Chan’s Hermit Home Designer is a hikkikomori room designing game where you design and layout cute ANIME rooms for Yamasen with no twists involved, that is the entire game.

Game Info: https://ryan-nein.itch.io/hermit-home-designer

“No relation to the crab species.”

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  1. My FAVORITE manlybadasshero videos are when he plays cute games, most of which have a scary twist. Does anyone else agree ? :3 The cutesy stuff is what drew me to his channel, I stayed for his personality and relaxing voice ??

  2. This is a random tidbit about me but the only reason I dont have body pillows is because I can imagine myself getting scared shitless at night (I like sleeping in a dim room and my semi-asleep brain would register any humanoid form in the dark as a scary phenomenon)

  3. Damn I really feel this, especially during quarantine. I already had problems socializing, social anxiety attachment issues etc. beforehand but when enrolled in online school during a pandemic my room really has become my whole world

    And that void part at the end hit almost a little too close to home, ha
    Since I can do basically everything I want all the time in the house, sometimes as a result I want to do nothing or I get really stressed out so I've been getting into… meditation? I don't know if I could call it that but there's something therapeutic about just imagining you're outside or in some place that doesn't exist, trying to imagine the temperatures and textures. Sadness and isolation aside, I highly recommend that to anyone who has a vivid imagination. It might help you sleep at night, too

  4. If i could I’d live like her, but I would’ve never left the house. I almost do live like she does, but I go outside for my job, food, n to still see family/friends every few months. Luckily i dont rlly have to work with clients either. Very minimal socializing has been great for me :3

    My actual dream is to live with 1-2 partners that are more like roommates, but we can snuggle- literally just that bc im grey ace/aro- where we dont have to talk to each other, we’d just kinda live together separately to be safe from bad people.

  5. This game is honestly an extremely depressing slap in the face to me….
    It's a reality for a lot of us with Agoraphobia. Even the ending.

    It becomes a whole different disorder called MDD or Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder. You want to have a different life so badly you obsess over daydreams, so lasting weeks or months. You daydream for literal hours and eventually real life becomes unsatisfying and like a waist. It's easier to imagine you're someone or something else than it is to actually become someone you're proud of.

    I know it sounds pathetic, but I actually draw out my characters and have a house planner app to plan out frequent settings. I have to write things down like timelines, family trees, etc to keep track because of how intricate they get.
    That's how extreme it is. I genuinely don't have friends because of how emotionally draining it is. I have physically had panic attacks and cry fits because of something my characters are going through.

    It's something that constantly effects my life and it's hard for me to go outside, talk to anyone (even family I live with), or even take care of myself some days. My family seriously gets proud of me for making dinner and going shopping, and even then I can't do it alone. I need my dad with me at all times.

    Many people just think that people don't wanna leave their house or are lazy, but I've both witnessed and been in situations where a person is so afraid to speak to people they are willing to not go to emergency rooms when they're in critical need of emergency or even life saving treatment. Many can't manage to get or keep therapists to even help their situation.

    Things like talking on the phone, answering the door, having friends over, going to work or school, walking your dog, and even getting the mail are scary and many of us are unable to complete school or get a job. It's debilitating…

    Sorry for the rant. It's not something I normally talk about to others outside of support groups or support subreddits, but awareness and understanding is desperately needed.

    I'm not some weirdo who's afraid of the government tracking them or apart of some alien cult or some other crazy thing like that. I'm a relatively normal person that just has some set backs. I talk and act like everyone else, I still have manners, clean my house, and can be pretty loud around my close family. We're not pale freaks or Neckbeards. Just people. Anxious, but still just people.