Anime Battle Arena Starrk vs All Bleach Characters…

January 25, 2021 42 Views

Anime Battle Arena 1 Starrk vs 11 Bleach Characters in ABA juggernaut mode. Y’all think I’m gonna lose again like last week, or am I finally gonna be victorious? Starrk’s awakening in anime battle arena has some pretty op moves which I hope can carry me to victory.

Anime battle arena Roblox is a PVP anime fighting game with characters from multiple Anime’s. Some rosters include DBZ, One-piece, Bleach, Jojo Bizarre Adventure, and more. You can unlock a variety of skins, some are basic and others are legendary, as well as unlock new anime characters. Roblox anime battle arena is a pretty good Roblox PVP game.

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Intro song: BUNGEE GUM | Trap Beat | Hunter x Hunter Remix (Prod. Eekway)
Outro song: Il Elevato D’oro (Giorno’s theme elevator music) Jarrod Delaney

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  1. ik we have not talked but like rn im focusing on shindo life what im focusing on is tailed spirit its rly hard so what happend was i killed war mode tyn tailed 7 times waited for 6 or 5 tailed spirits that spawn and it did not spawn even tyn tailed didn't drop i justneed help (i think u wont see this comment) well i just need help rn if its any time that tailed spirits spawn just pls help me i'm happy to comment again πŸ™‚