Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1 PS4/Pro & Xbox One/X Frame Rate Comparison

January 23, 2021 58 Views

Cyberpunk 2077 frame rate comparison comparing the framerate/fps on PS4/Pro & Xbox One/X on Patch 1.1/1.10.
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Default video settings were used on all consoles.

Very large frame time spikes can still sometimes happen on version 1.10

The footage for 1.04 is slightly more compressed than 1.10 which may result in slightly reduced video quality for 1.04 compared to 1.10.

Performance can vary noticeably so your experience may vary from what’s shown here.

00:00 – PS4
06:11 – Xbox One S
12:21 – Xbox One X
18:32 – PS4 Pro


Watch in 4K and 60fps for the best experience.
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  1. Every one goes on how bad this game is but the thing everyone kept on pushing them to release it when they kept wanting to delay and then complain about it if they had delayed and worked on the patches and fixes during the delays like they wanted to then game would be much better in not saying it's bad because I think it's genuinely a really good game despite bugs and everything

  2. this game performance on new gen way better I think cdpr shoulda focus on only next gen cause they new old consoles was way to underpowered for this huge game and had more time with redefining for new gen only game woulda came out sooner old gen consoles held them back alot tbh this game massive in scale it's a beautiful masterpiece and it will get better in time

  3. Lmao 17 gb of update, wasting bandwidth for 2 fps improvements ???? i feel bad for base xbox and ps4 people. This company bruh ? i dont even bother rebuying this trash for my series x or ps5 ?‍♂️ unless they slap a $5 tag for this unfinished failure

  4. This is some Digital Foundry quality shit. Most videos I saw about the new patch is some random dude ranting without any metric. Great work! Glad to see the base PS4 version running about 1-2 FPS better most cases in the new patch, still needs a lot of work though.

  5. I'm on Xbox One X. I haven't gotten far in this game and I genuinely want to play it but it runs so surprisingly awful I'm just not enjoying it. I'm deleting all my saves and will just start fresh when it performs more gooder.