Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS: Episode 28 SUMMARY! (Major Arc News)

December 4, 2020 59 Views

Remember these!? Man doing this was a blast from the past. We go over the Episode 28 Cast and Summary, which gives us a major clue as to what is coming in the next arc! I hope you all enjoy!!


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Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS: Episode 28 SUMMARY! (Major Arc News)


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  1. Man the plot is moving fast! We've not even hit the 30th episode, and we already had an epic fight against Neil, and are on the fourth arc! Has there ever been a Yu-Gi-Oh series which moved this quick? And all of that without compromising the side characters!

  2. I'm super hyped. This Rush Duel Tournament Arc is going to be super exciting. The duels that I would like to see would be:
    Roa Vs Romin
    Roa Vs Rook
    Roa Vs Yuga (Rematch)
    Romin Vs Princess G

  3. Yu-Gi-Oh has not had a tournament in approximately 1,689 days. I'm counting from the last episode of a tournament arc which was back on March 27th, 2016 during Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V the final part of the Yuya Sakaki vs Jack Atlas duel during the Friendship Cup. So its great to have another tournament in YGO again after so long.

  4. In all honesty, I think hogging the TV is an amazing excuse to have a duel. It's one of those situations that I'm pretty sure every kid who played Yugioh with friends had. If there's an episode where 2 characters duel for that last slice of pizza, then I will gave that episode a 10/10.
    We Yugioh players will settle anything with a quick game.

  5. I'm excited for this

    Although it does make me wonder what that cancelled Vrains tournament arc would've been like
    That entire scrapped plot sounded really interesting to me (although I still like how it ended)

  6. finally we have a tournament arc dang im glad were getting one those are usually fun to watch to see what happens i hope asuna the quote on quote villain will be very good villain maybe shell duel more so we can see what shes about display her power

  7. You know there are better ways of being able to being back less important characters than the ever generic tournament arc. There's no real tension with them since the moment you see the bracket, you can predict how the tourney will play out in its entirety aside from like one or two twist outcomes. That aside, I enjoyed the Maximum Arc even if I thought four of Team Yuga's strikes were phenomenally stupid so I wouldn't put it past the crew to salvage this arc in spite of the tournament format that I honestly wouldn't mind never popping up again in Yugioh after this.

  8. Dylan! Episodes summaries ruin the experience and the surprise of what is to come…. for goodness sakes dude!. You don't even sound surprised when I listen to your reviews ..since you expected this and that to happen… I still listen to your reviews cuz I enjoy them but I do not want to be spoiled .. I'm gonna go watch the next episode blind..I don't even look at the previews anymore either. I'm not clicking to watch this video I'm just leaving cuz I been here since you were doing the Arc V reviews which is how I found you. With all due respect I admire your determination and everything to get content out but do not spoil the surprise and mystery to yourself and your audience.

  9. I'd mainly like to see Romin vs Roa, Roa vs Neil, Romin vs the lady that gave her the card she caught, and Gakuto vs basically anyone that would give him a notable solo win.

    Arc-V stole VRAINS' tournament arc by having two tournament arcs in it. I'm actually joking about the theft, because they're two different shows and Arc-V can't steal from a show that doesn't yet exist and stealing a tournament arc sounds stupid in concept and in practice.