Saitama Meets the Son of God / One Punch Man Web Comic Chapter 134 Breakdown

January 18, 2021 30 Views

Saitama finally meets Blue, the son of Blast.

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One Punch Man – Web Comic – Chapter 134 – Blast – Saitama – Blue – Fubuki

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  1. Zoning working out theories- “Possibly” “I guess” “it might” talking like everything’s a question “seems like” “maybe” “could be” “I wouldn’t be surprised if” “probably” “what appears to be” being as vague and ambiguous as possible “just speculating” “might not” “maybe not” “I’m not sure”

    Zoning when something canonical happens that’s even close: “as I mentioned some time ago” “called it” “not trying to brag but..” “I was saying this..” “I had that theory for quite some time”

  2. Blue is a clone of blast who will maybe do a heel turn because he will ponder he has no soul because he is a clone?

    He was created and controlled by whatever controls he neo heros?

    Blue was created to fight blast?

    Blast is actually dead and they cloned blue from his body?

    His death was kept secret so people didnt poo their pants in panic?

  3. i do not know how strong saitama's mentality but maybe god isnt that strong and blast defeated this god but god will manage to escape the cube and the god try's to hypnotize saitama or something. or accepts god's deal like when he talk to garou in the fan manga,,, and behold saitama the God level treat..

  4. Is reading the webcomic worth it rn? I'm already reading the manga and I honestly prefer the much better drawing but I noticed that they might change the webcomic a bit since apparently in the webcomic blast wasn't shown but it was in the manga