Have We Really Seen the Last of Donald Trump?

January 20, 2021 7 Views

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  1. Poison tipped umbrella or one way visit with Jimmy Hoffa.
    Knowing too much and being no longer useful , is a bad place to be. Just ask Epstein. Who gets there first Putin or the mob ? Donny has the BIGGEST problems lol.

  2. Trump already declared the State of Emergency and the Defense Report already stated the Election was influenced by the foreign government. Biden/Harris inauguration can be declared as "illegal or invalid" under the Emergency Act. Biden/Harris inauguration can be declared as "Coup and Treason". Impeach Biden/Harris, Pelosi, and McConnell.

  3. My entire dating strategy is now based on asking one single question near the beginning of any date:
    "Did you like Donald Trump?"

    That single answer, and I know EVERYthing I NEED to know about a person.

    The answer Better Be "O HAIL Noooo!!!" ??
    True Story