Georgia runoff election voter turnout tops 3 million

January 5, 2021 110 Views

Georgia Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler said she’ll object to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win. She also dodged reporters’ questions on President Trump’s phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State. NBC’s Priscilla Thompson joins Shep Smith to discuss. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

More than 3 million Georgia residents have already cast their votes in the two Jan. 5 runoff races, a historic turnout in a contest that determines whether Democrats or Republicans control the U.S. Senate this year.

The Tuesday races are between Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff, as well as Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock.

If Perdue and Loeffler win their races, Republicans would hold a 52 seat Senate majority that would allow them to block some of President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda.

The Democratic caucus would have 50 seats if Ossoff and Warnock win. And a tie-breaking vote from Vice President-elect Harris would give Democrats control of the Senate after six years of a GOP majority.

Democrats currently control the House of Representatives and will continue to control the chamber into 2021. Republicans have a slim majority in the Senate.

President Donald Trump, who has baselessly claimed that Georgia’s two Senate races were invalid, is set to hold a rally in the state for Perdue and Loeffler on Monday.

Biden is scheduled to go to Atlanta on Monday, while Harris will visit Savannah on Sunday to support Ossoff and Warnock. The Democratic candidates have broken fundraising records during their campaigns, each bringing in more than $100 million in the last few months driven largely by small donations.

Perdue and Loeffler, strong allies of the president, supported $600 stimulus payments as part of the broader relief package and attacked Democratic opponents for arguing that those payments were not enough. However, they reversed course and broke with many Senate Republicans to support Trump’s demands for $2,000 stimulus checks after Congress passed the bill.

Ossoff and Warnock have closely aligned themselves with Biden’s plan to deliver more coronavirus relief and direct checks to Americans. They’ve condemned their opponents for their handling of the pandemic and have insisted that the GOP senators didn’t do enough to push for a vote on higher stimulus checks in the Senate.

The 3,002,100 early votes comprise 38.8% of all registered voters in Georgia, according to data collected by University of Florida’s U.S. Elections Project. The early vote surpasses the previous total turnout record for a runoffof about 2.1 million ballots cast in the 2008 Senate runoff between Republican Saxby Chambliss and Democrat Jim Martin.

Data shows that Democrats hold an advantage in early voting turnout in Georgia. Early voting ended on Thursday. Republicans generally see higher Election Day turnout. Voter turnout has lagged in rural, conservative congressional districts in Georgia, specifically in the northwest part of the state where Trump will campaign on Monday, according to local reporting.

Republicans have been accelerating their get-out-the-vote effort. Days before the runoff, Perdue started quarantining after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. Perdue told Fox News on Saturday that he will not be at the president’s rally on Monday due to his quarantine.

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  1. Know how anybody could hire Shepard Smith for any job in the news! Maybe as someone with an opinion piece but not as a newscaster because all of us are really tired of listening to him and his horrible opinions. Report the news or give it to someone who will

  2. Electoral Fraud could be made almost impossible.

    How ? By making elections non-secret, whether you voted in person or online, you could log in and check

    whom your vote and anyones' vote is assigned to !

    You would see right away if your vote was "switched" !

    Only secret ballots are easy to manipulate.

  3. The polls keep on getting it wrong…Democrats fellow citizens,

    please do not trust the polls and show up to vote in the Georgia special election,

    and invite at least a friend to do so TODAY. All the Bernie Sanders, and part of the

    Elizabeth Warren and President elect Joe Biden's plan to implement

    in our country, including increasing the minimum wedges, depend on.

    You Democrat Georgians have the power to make frog face Mitch McConnel irrelevant.

  4. How is it not RACIST to say young black voters tend to lean left?? You're making an assumption based ON COLOR!! That's like saying all white people like God, guns and country music! Why can't people of ANY color just be who they were born to be???? Because this world isn't about being an individual anymore, it's about the Collective Global MINDSET THAT CONTROLS THIS GOD FORSAKEN WORLD!!! Reminds me of the woman in the movie "Coming to America" TV far was brainwashed to be queen. Every time she was asked a question it was answered with, "whatever you like"… No free thinking, just brainwashed gibber.

  5. Dumb Onion voting machines found to communicate with chinese smart-tv, transferring data to outside forces
    Guess where the Dumb Onion machines are assembled
    Raffensperger in recording, thanking the CCP in mandarin for helping him get into legislature office, and begging for more votes
    Raffensperger threatening officials, forcing them to certify, using armed guards
    How they are counting votes in Georgia, Ruby Freeman works hard
    How far where the observers in the signature audit, to the point of completely pointless
    Piles of ballots with same signatures found, official trying to dismiss them and telling counters to continue counting
    Why ballots and voting machines are being kept away by Raffensperger from being forensically examined

  6. Hello. I found out something interesting about the last election and I thought I would share it with you. I put some numbers about the election into a spreadsheet and found out that, since 2016, the US population increased by 8 million. Somehow though, 20 million more people voted. It doesn't sound like much, but if you compare this with what happened in all of the elections since 1968, you'll see that this election is pretty unique. Here are the numbers and sources I used. If you put them into a spreadsheet yourself and make a graph of it, it might impress you. It suggests that the amount of fraud this time seems to have been pretty impressive.

    US Population Total Voters Population Increase Voter Increase % of New Population That Voted
    1968 205,805,754 72,733,345
    1972 213,269,802 76,983,423 7,464,048 4,250,078 56.94%
    1976 221,086,429 81,400,341 7,816,627 4,416,918 56.51%
    1980 229,476,354 86,187,388 8,389,925 4,787,047 57.06%
    1984 238,256,844 92,623,443 8,780,490 6,436,055 73.30%
    1988 247,372,264 91,541,072 9,115,420 -1,082,371 -11.87%
    1992 256,990,613 104,388,994 9,618,349 12,847,922 133.58%
    1996 268,335,003 96,210,345 11,344,390 -8,178,649 -72.09%
    2000 281,710,909 105,372,669 13,375,906 9,162,324 68.50%
    2004 292,354,658 122,219,175 10,643,749 16,846,506 158.28%
    2008 303,486,012 131,313,820 11,131,354 9,094,645 81.70%
    2012 314,043,885 129,085,410 10,557,873 -2,228,410 -21.11%
    2016 323,015,995 136,669,276 8,972,110 7,583,866 84.53%
    2020 331,002,651 157,113,662 7,986,656 20,444,386 255.98%

    A little more…

    The US population has grown by 8 million since 2016, but somehow, 20 million more people voted than in 2016.

    Between 1968 and 2016, the new voter to new citizen ratio has always fluctuated. The lowest ratio of new voters to new citizens was in 1996 (-72%). The highest was in 2004 (158.3%). The average ratio is 55.4%. Most years, the ratio falls below 100%. Only in three instances did it ever go over 100% (1992, 2004 and 2020).

    If ballot stuffing did occur in 2020, how many times it occurred can be estimated by comparing the 2020 data to previous years. All of these estimates will assume that all of the votes in those previous years were valid…that none were fraudulent. These estimates will then assume that all votes over the ratio of past year’s data are potentially fraudulent.

    The 2004 data (158.3%) suggests that 7.8 million votes fall into this potentially fraudulent category. This is the best case scenario. This scenario suggests that, just as in 2004, that 158.3% of the new votes received were valid, the excess being suspect.

    The worst case scenario comes when you compare the data with 1996 (-72.1%). Here, the number of potentially fraudulent votes increases to 26.2 million.

    If you compare it with the average of all years from 1968 to 2016 (55.4%), the potentially fraudulent votes are 16.1 million.

    In all instances though, if the potentially fraudulent votes were removed from the election results, in each instance, Trump would have won.

    My Sources

  7. So clearly there were questionable things going on in the Presidential election but if we are not allowed to really investigate , post anything questioning it, or even talk about it as we can not even congregate anywhere, how can we get to the bottom of it? We clearly will never really know for sure. So if the same people are working those polls for these run-offs: how can we trust this election? LOL. Ya. I would say audit all elections going forward regardless of who wins.

  8. I’m born and raised in Atlanta and I can tell you that you can count the number of democrats on one hand in Georgia. Everyone knows the election was rigged in Georgia. It’s 99% Republican here and calling Georgia a blue state would be like calling California a red state. No one would even believe it. It’s just obnoxious that “they” have chose Georgia of all states to turn blue. Right… ???