Sony Ordered To Reverse PS5 Console Bans And Nintendo's Big New Year's Sale Revealed | News Wave

December 30, 2020 17 Views

Sony started to ban PS5 consoles after a loophole was exploited online for the PlayStation Collections where PS4 owners were able to access it with the help of PS5 owners. Now it looks like Sony is being ordered to reverse the ban on consoles in Brazil by a judge.

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00:00 – Start

00:57 – Nintendo Explains The Theme Park Bands

2:10 – Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Website Goes Live

3:45 – Respawn Hiring For A New IP

5:08 – Sony Ordered to Unblock PS5 Console In Brazil

8:49 – Nintendo New Years Sale

10:50 – First 4 Weeks Of PS5

13:17 – Atari VCS Scalping

15:07 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. I dont really understand why someone would buy the atari vcs when you have better consoles like switch ps5 and series x consoles i dont really see people in buy these system for 600 dollars and doesnt seem profitable if it was sega a system than i probably would buy the system just from their game catalogue

  2. Two months have not passed and a wave of bans has hit users, Sony does not learn from mistakes. If the company annoys the hackers, they will break down the console's security as it was in the past, just as a matter of principle.

  3. TBF in brazil, you can only game on a next gen machine at launch if your dad owns a large percentage of the actual country, so chances are that judge has a thousand high paid expensive boots up his arse. they're charged 300% more then americans for shit and to have it banned for buying cheap there is a fucking piss take.

  4. That's probably one of the dumbest things I've heard. What is the point of even making these consoles if they are going to ban them. That's a pretty wasteful use of resources. They need to just ban people from playing online, cause if you can't update the console it's practically useless. Sony needs to rethink their strategy on that one.

  5. I've been buying old retro consoles of all types because these companies keep on selling us things that they can take away easily. I think as soon as more people realize how terrible these business practices are, more people will go for consoles that they can fully own and fully play even past the expiration date.

  6. At least Atari was up front with the Jaguar it literally said in the box Atari owns the console and you’re just leasing its use and they can do what they please with it. Also precisely why I won’t buy a Ps5

  7. If you kept up with Indigogo backer updates, it shouldn't have been a surprise that backer units would be arriving (mostly) by late December or January. I got mine (collector's edition w/ one of each controller) a week and a half ago, but haven't had a chance to use it yet). The current estimate for non-backer Atari VCS unit deliveries is around March 2021, but I don't know if any numbers of Atari/GameStop/Walmart pre-orders has been revealed. So depending on how many pre-orders there've been, in-store units could be up to a few months past that. I think only Walmart has the Onyx 400 model (4GB) for $50 less, while Atari directly sells the Black Walnut 800 model and both GameStop and Walmart sell the Onyx 800 model…and Walmart also has the Carbon Gold 800 model.

  8. Nintendo is putting a nearly 4 year old game "on sale" for 50 dollars instead of 60 meanwhile I can buy spiderman from a little over a year ago for 40 dollars on the playstation store right now. In all honesty breath of the wild is worth that money but it's still ridiculous

  9. I'm sure this applies to both Microsoft and Sony. But Sony ToS specifically has a lot of catch phases like community standards in it. Which boils it down to them being able to do whatever they want because they set that community standard. Not the actual gaming community. I had the hassle a while back of a forced name change. IE they banned my psn id even tho I at that point had had it for well over 5 years. During my conversation with a customer service manager. I was told. The mods who NEVER talk to customers and enforce the rules. That if they (mods) deem the word "sunshine" to be offensive than any psn id with the word sunshine in it could be banned. See where this is going?
    I highly suggest people read the ToS and learn how to and opt out. They tell you exactly what to do to opt out of their ToS. After that time you can pretty much tell them to pound sand for any activity or their part against your account.

  10. nintendo is so desperate to move copies of that terrible mario rabbids game, that its been on sale more than any other nintendo game in history. in comparison i dont think breathe of the wild has ever seen a sale. nintendo is a joke.

  11. I think people deserve to get banned by obviously abusing something for money.
    The cost of the PS5 console itself isn't unfair as a punishment either.

    Because if you take a second to think about it the value of the console is $500 and to basically steal the potential earnings Sony could've made on a pretty large amount of games… $500 actually doesn't sound out of question especially compared to the crazy amounts in damages you hear about after companies fight digital copyright stuff in court and win.

    Just banning the account doesn't stop anyone from simply making a separate account to break the rules on that so a puny account ban obviously couldn't matter less to them.

  12. This is why I'm a PCMR guy, having your entire console banned is just unacceptable, ban the account rather than the console.

    And also these damn companies to to start giving short quick terms of service

  13. Sony REALLY should UNBAN consoles.
    If the PLUS collection were a PS5 ONLY why in the hell did they allow PS4 users to access the games?
    PS4 users also pay for the PLUS account.
    Either they allow ALL PS PLUS users to play the collection or they allow PS5 consoles users ONLY, just like they did with Bugsnacks.
    If someone buys a 500-dollar console they cannot stop you from using it. Imagine if it's a Digital only console…