Democrats will benefit if Trump starts a new political party, says analyst

January 21, 2021 17 Views

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  1. Trump is not there , but you still talk about him, WHY because the democrats have no agenda and they could care less about the American people … let’s talk about Trump, because we have no idea how to run the country , so we keep talking about Trump ……

  2. Both the Republican and Democrat parties are ready to split. I think in the future we will go to a 4 party system. I think if this happens you will see support to get rid of the electoral college.

  3. Please, Donnie Duning-Kreuger, split the Republicans into the POS (Party of Sedition) and The Lincoln Project. At least we'll have one group of serious-minded Republicans that can be worked with and respected again.
    But in reality we all know this is like your "Big, Beautiful, Better-Than-Obama's" Healthcare Plan, your Covid vaccination plan, or even Infrastructure Week: nonexistent except for your words. If it can't be done by cheating with a 5-Iron, it is beyond you.

  4. This clown is an idiot. First the rinos will loose a lot of seats but that does not mean the new party will be voting against them all the time. So what if we do not get important positions the first time around, there will be other elections, maybe. A new party can play spoiler to both the old establishment parties. Then again there is the very covered up fact that a lot democrats that are just as sick of the socialist rantings of the establishment as conservatives and will also come over. Estimate are 20-32% of democrats voted for president Trump. Why do you think every poll asking about the massive fraud in this last election only mentions republicans? Because a lot of democrats know the same thing. This clown is also assuming that the passion of the new party will just go away. There has never been a more determined group than there is now. Remember after all the fractal vote counting and shredded Trump ballots he came in at more like 95 million votes. As far as destroying the republicans, mcconnel sitting by and letting fraud go has already done that to themselves. Cheney has already been primaried and both her and mconnell have both been censured and will never be back, hopefully they will not last their terms. In two or three elections the rinos will be no more, along with a large part of the divided socialist democrat party.

  5. If Trump starts a new party are we just start a new party there will be over a hundred million of us I really don't think that's going to help the Democratic party you will fail and we will prevail