19th January 2021: Daily News Analysis || by Jatin Verma || Current Affairs 2021

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In this video, Jatin Verma will cover the important current affairs on a daily basis by referring to all the important newspapers/journals, News shows, and magazines referred for UPSC CSE 2020 preparation including The Hindu, Indian Express, Rajya Sabha TV, Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc. This course will be helpful for Prelims as well as Mains preparation for the Civil Services Exam.

“THE HINDU TOPICS for 19th January 2021”

Governance & Polity related issues
G. S. Mains Paper – 2
Page 1: Only police should decide on tractor rally, says SC
Page 5: Maharashtra among 3 States with highest deaths in road accidents
Page 9: Task force on marriage age submits report to PMO

International relations related issues
G. S. Mains Paper – 2
Page 1: Aware of construction on LAC: MEA
Page 10: ‘Land under PLA control since 1959’

Economy and Internal security related issues
G. S. Mains Paper – 3
Page 8: KIIFB borrowings bypass limits for State, says CAG
Page 9: NBA seeks Republic TV’s ouster from IBF
Page 10: ‘Legal issue’ delaying Mallya’s extradition
Page 10: Experts to be assigned to review State labour laws
Page 14: Govt. may raise import duties by 5-10%
Page 14: GST shortfall: Govt. releases 12th tranche

Environment & Sci-tech related issues
G. S. Mains Paper – 3
Page 10: New monsoon forecast models on the anvil

Important Editorials for 19 Jan 2021
Page 6: Whatever it takes
Page 6: Mining in India equals selling the family gold
Page 7: Don’t doubt Indian vaccines


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  1. ■ The sugar industry of India is gradually shifting from North India to South India because of several better conditions prevailing there.
    * These include:

    1. The tropical climate of Peninsular India results in higher yield per unit hectare of land.
    2. Higher sucrose content in peninsular cane.
    3. Long crushing season in south.
    4. In North India, it lasts from November to February (4 months), while in South it lasts from October to May or even June (nearly 8 months).
    5. The mills in peninsular India are larger.
    6. The mills in cooperative sector in south are better managed.

  2. sugar mills are shifting towards southern states because-
    1)sugarcane produced in these areas are rich in sucrose content as compared to northern states,
    2)cooler climate ensures longer crushing season,
    3)in this belt,cooperatives are successful,
    4)yield /hectare are more,
    5)producitvity is high and cost of production of is low