Seth Meyers Slams Trump's "Meaningless and Lie-Filled" Farewell Speech | THR News

January 20, 2021 9 Views

Late-night host Seth Meyers critiqued Trump’s final day in office during his ‘Closer Look’ segment, and referred to the outgoing President’s farewell message as “meaningless” and “lie-filled.”

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Seth Meyers Slams Trump’s “Meaningless and Lie-Filled” Farewell Speech | THR News

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  1. I watched the 20 minute lie fest, but was particularly amused by a tiny group of people trying to cheer to sound like there's more of them… that was pathetic. Trump also had that look of pain on his face, similar to the one when he returned from that rally that no one showed up to.

  2. Here is a retro on the term, 'Mussolini.' It is like saying, 'The End Justifies The Means.' To these people it is like arm wrestling, the winner is called the truth and loser is called a lie. Mussolini means to lie. It is cutting deep and does not reflect grace, instead it tends to reflect Mussolini's partner in WWII. Thank you so much.

  3. Donald J Trump will be remembered as the last fairly and Constitutionally elected President of the United States of America, and the best one, as he promised to his nation. He will be the Legend of Hope for the new dark age of globalist neo-totalitarian tyranny of lies, fraud, and oligarchs defeating freedom, which set over America and the whole world yesterday 01/20/21 at 12 noon.