The Presidents Club In The Age Of Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

January 19, 2021 10 Views

Co-author of ‘The Presidents Club’ and historian Michael Beschloss join Morning Joe to discuss the recent history of presidential inaugurations and the peaceful transfer of power from one sitting president to the next. Aired on 01/19/2021.
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The Presidents Club In The Age Of Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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  1. President Pennywise will never, ever be a member of this exclusive club, deservedly so. If they decide to continue to allow Trump intelligence briefings, they should have their heads felt for soft spots. Besides, Trump never paid any attention to the PDB when he was in office, so why start now?

  2. Trump has money, but rich people don’t like him. He has fame, but celebrities don’t like him. He’s achieved a position that only 45 other men have and he still won’t be welcome among them. When do you think he’ll start looking inward to find the answer to why nobody likes him?

  3. Social Security will go bankrupt the year 2028 no more money email Social Security and I they will tell you the truth Donald Trump I need for that wall on the Mexican border we do our Social Security money presidents going back all the way to Bush has been spending your Social Security money

  4. Already the Commander in Thief Biden is achieving humiliating reviews! A Syrian is complaining that over 200 troops were send and plundering is occurring in Syria! Trump we need to check on this! WE NEED CLEAN UP ON AISLE 8!!! Get this thief out of office!

  5. What's funny trump can start his own presidents club and it would be made of true Americans really trying to make the country a better place but there's only a very select few that could be in it and most of them wrote the constitution.

  6. President Trump did better than all the past Presidents controlling our enemies from attacking our soldiers and invading what is ours to protect. He dealt with Canada's bad business ethic of selling to the U.S., but not fairly buying our products. He protected us from the doors Obama-Biden left open for terrorists to infiltrate our country. Obama-Biden encouraged Arab Spring, and they let Isis flourish to murder thousands of persons worldwide. Also, that President Trump has brought peace to Israel with its Arab neighbors. No one would have thought of Jews being in Dubai doing business with their products with Israeli flags and markings. Trump brought back Jerusalem as Israels Capital after 2000 years. Pres. Trump too had to deal with a world epidemic which the others did not have. It would have been a lot worse with these other past leaders.Obama gave 2 billion in cash to Iran who still hates America and our beliefs. Obama put us in much deeper debt than anyone combined together has. So, don't believe the fake news that Pres. Trump would be less of a member in the current Pres. Club. Pres. Trump is objective, not subjective and weak, like Clinton, Obama, Bush, and Carter. Thank God for how strong and Pro-America and the world he has been.

  7. During his administration, George W. Bush was savaged by the radical left. Be that as it may, he so much wanted to be accepted by the Washington establishment (globalists/Freemasons), that he shamelessly sucked up to these swine afterward. George's application for acceptance into the club was sealed when he began showing disdain for President Donald J. Trump.

  8. Joe Biden is the alleged President of a now-defunct Corporation of the United States, elected by massive cheating in the 2020 election. Among the methods used was cyber-manipulation (theft) of the vote by foreign actors. According to plan, they accessed deliberately-insecure Dominion voting machines and data feeds, doing so via the U.S. embassy in Rome and an Italian military satellite – this according to a sworn affidavit from a high-level Italian IT professional (Leonardo SpA). The evidence is overwhelming, confirmed by careful analysis of the date feeds from Scytl servers. Each and every vote switch can be identified, including the IP addresses of the computers used on each end – sending and receiving. As President Trump said – "We have it all," and action will be taken to remedy this at the appropriate time. Stay tuned.

  9. “The last questions are much more difficult,” he said. “Like a memory question. It’s, uh, like you’ll go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ So they say, ‘Could you repeat that?’ So I said, ‘Yeah.’ So it’s ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ ‘Okay, that’s very good.’”

  10. Trump was like the mob, you take him down and another one shows up. This is the most dangerous of all history. To even think this way, but until he is locked up we won't be free of this dictator. He is probably doing bad thing right now as we speak. The evil of Trump is not going away until they lock him up.