Xbox Series X Bundle at GameStop is Super EXPENSIVE – What’s In It?

January 11, 2021 117 Views

In this episode of the Big Retro Show, I go BIG or GO HOME with an Xbox Series X Bundle from GameStop! Was it worth it? It was mad expensive at $850. What did GameStop send me in this expensive Xbox Series X Bundle?

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Episode title: What did GameStop Send Me in this EXPENSIVE Xbox Series X Bundle?

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  1. Hey I kow that 8BitGlitch guy lol. Hey if you don't need the headset I say return if you can and get more games. I knew Gamefly sold their used rentals but I always thought they would be disc only, so now I need to look into Gamefly.

  2. I loved Vikings, but When Ragnar was killed off, i slowly lost interest…i Bought my Dreamcast back in the day when i couldn't get a Ps2. So I get the feeling, i play alot of modern gaming but, i feel like theres no rush to jump into next Gen, especially if there is nothing that i want to play yet. Only you can answer the question of "is it worth it?" individuals see their own value in their purchases. i just spent over 1200 bucks on 2 arcade 1 up cabs lol…. I didn't realize i was on my Pablo account z until just now, i think you know though who this is LOL. ✌?

  3. As you know, I've been a strict Playstation person for years. I've never owned an Xbox. Always kinda had a negative opinion of it. But I'll tell you, with Sony starting to censor their games and the new Xbox being fully backwards compatible, I've been debating making that jump over to the Xbox side of the Force.
    And I'm a big fan of Vikings. I saw they added the final episodes to Prime before they actually air.
    I'd like to know what you think of the Joe game.

  4. You can't return the headset without returning the entire bundle.

    Talked to my friend that works at my local GameStop about my bundle that came with the Elite 2 controller and a headset and all those bundles have to be returned in whole to accept the return.

  5. Bro it is SO hard to get these consoles especially the PS5. I got SUPER lucky on Walmart online getting my PS5. The damn bots man…they should be illegal in my opinion. Btw outside of the issues with Cyberpunk 2077 which they WILL fix, I played it for about 7 hours before I stopped because I decided to wait until they fixed the game. But that 7 hours I was having a blast man. I just want to wait until the game is fully fixed haha

  6. I was able to get a GameStop Series X bundle too! Mine came w/ an extra controller, standard edition of Valhalla, Williamson edition of NBA2k, & 30 days of Ultimate GamePass. Totally worth the price. Btw, I previously played Cyberpunk on an Xbox 1X with hardly any issues. Congrats on your bundle!

  7. Cyberpunk on Series X was the right call. I loved it. I played on PS5 and Series X and it is superior on Series X in Resolution Mode. PS5 is missing a lot there. And I had no issues at all during my 130 hours or so playing Cyberpunk on Series X. You’ll enjoy it. We’ll get the next gen versions coming up but on consoles Series X plays it the best and I had no issues on it. Enjoy.