10 Things We LOVE About The Xbox Series S

January 10, 2021 12 Views

Here at Xbox On we’ve had a lot of time with both the Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S and here are 10 thing we love about the Series S.

We’re so impressed at the power, price and so much more of this tiny console, and hopefully you are too after watching!

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  1. I love gaming and I was mostly a Playstation guy in last gen with the PS4. Once I saw the Series S reveal, I had a big smile on my face and said this is it, in some way or another I am jumping back into the world of Xbox. I got Series S even before I got the PS5 (thanks to the limited supplies) and all I can say is that I am in love with this little beast.

    I hope that I will be wrong about this but Series S might be the most underrated video game console of all time if Microsoft doesn't marketed well.

    It has all the awesome features to broke sale records

    It's surprisingly small (for people who loves to game with family and friends, you can easily put this bad boy into your backpack 🎒) absurdly silent, fast and joy to play with.

    I am 33 and I can say that Series S is the best purchase I have ever made in last decade including Switch and Ps4 which I love it so much.

    This console makes sense for anyone who loves video games.

    Series S + Game Pass Ultimate = Pure Joy

  2. The Quick Resume feature is really a game changer. Although some multiplayer games can not access the internet after some time when launched with quick resume so I have to quit the game and restart it. Which isn't a big problem since the console is pretty fast.
    To be concrete I'm talking about Forza Motorsport 7 and Tetris Effect.

  3. I wanted a ps5 they are sold out so i looked at getting a xbox series x there was sold out too so i got a series S luckily there was one left it was pretty cheap since i got it i haven't stopped playing on it, its fast gamepass is cheap they say its not 4k but it looks 4k, games look stunning on it its small and looks nice i can play xbx x360 xone some ps2 N64 and dreamcast games on there I didn't think it would work but it does its Quiet and the controllers are better in the hand then ps4 controller and it feels next gen, It's like a cheap new small car that you fall in love with but XBox does need some more third person story driven games tho but overall I would recommend it, but i will be getting a ps5 once their available

  4. I'm loving my serious s! Kind of trippy how small it truly is plays and works great switching from a 1x to this there are a few disappointments by getting the full 1x compatibility out of the box but for some games it does not really matter big improvement on every game and very quiet and FAST . STILL PREFER THE POWER HOUSE SERIES X THO.

  5. Pretty amazed so far, luckly grabbed one from wallmart and it looks absolutely stunning, even with the smaller SSD I still have 3 triple A games and still have room for a few more, not to mention how quick the games load in, madden 21 takes 4-5 seconds to load into a match which is incredible and theres added detail that's isn't even available on pc, for 300$ you really cant beat it

  6. I do want the Series X but as my budget is kinda limited I'll probably go with the S, $300 bucks for a next gen console and with $15dlls a month you don't need to worry about having something to play. PS can have all the exclusives they want but I really like to save money. The Switch is another story, just for Smash, MK and Zelda is worth the price IMO.

  7. I recently bought a series S and I love it! It's my first xbox too. But to be honest I probably wouldn't have bought it if gamepass didn't exist. I'm also going to get a PS5 (if I can ever buy one)

  8. With only 364 of usable storage you are going to be hurting for space. Any decent hard drive 1tb or above is going to run you 100 bucks or more which now puts this system at $399. Cold war itself is a 91GB download. I really wanted to like this but even with settings being identical to my series x, it did not look as good on my 1440p 144mhz monitor, it looked liked my old one S. Lastly, I realized i couldn't go without the disk drive. Finding cheap games online is great. I love the size and looks of the series S but it's not as much of a value as it seems because of all its shortcomings.

  9. Always been playstation but didn't like digital but I ended up going digital more and more for convenience and since ps5 are unavailable, I'm definitely getting the series s mainly for a cheap next gen console and I don't care for 4k. The only downside for me is space but can dish out for more and no graphical upgrades on older games that the series x does, however that price is amazing

  10. Digital Foundry says 720p-900p at almost 60fps. There are also no 120fps games on the Xbox Series S and 4K60Hz is not going to happen in any game, maybe in an indie platformer. By the way, all the ray tracing games showed in this video ran on Series X.

  11. I got my PS5 digital, and it’s a hell of a machine. Looking into getting the Xbox series S. It looks just as beautiful as the PS5 and this video just really sold me on wanting a series S. Going to be getting it soon!

  12. I bought the Xbox Series S because I want to wait for a pro or slim version for the next gen consoles. There aren’t that many next gen games out on right now for Xbox so space isn’t really a big deal for me I play the same few games anyway. 😂

  13. Love mines hell ,I don’t even turn mines off . I just change the input , it’s very fast with downloads and load ups. IM very surprised how quiet it is ! Currently waiting on this Xbox update to finish as we text . At first I was feeling weird about the size but I end up liking how easy it is to pack up and change rooms or even throw in my book bag and travel with 👍🏾