Sweet Home Netflix Series Review

December 19, 2020 8 Views

This is my Spoiler Free Review for the Sweet Home Netflix Series. Explain your thoughts on the ending, and let me know if you enjoyed Sweet Home on Netflix. This is a South Korean Netflix series!
Hyunsoo, a loner high school student who lost his entire family in a terrible accident, moves to an old apartment complex called Green Home.
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  1. im kinda afraid to watch sweet home because i read the webcomic for the series before and other wecomics by the artist. and ever since what netflix did to blame… i thought i'd watch a review first

  2. The first time I heard imagine dragons in the show I thought “oh the LoL song they made that’s nice not the best fit but okay” and the second time it played I thought “oh I kinda hoped for a more diverse sound track”

  3. Started watching and stopped after ep4. Can't watch the stupidity of it. There's a scene where this guy says he's gonna get out coz he thinks the monsters are gone but the very next scene he stops the woman from getting out to fetch her daughter. WTF!? Why would he do that when he too wants to get out. Then daughter got killed. And then as they scramble to close the gate the monster attacked and almost hit guy w/ glasses. The woman in hysterics screams and cries on the guy on the very same spot where the monster attacked. Cmon! Did the monster suddenly vanish, ignore or respect the noisy woman because she's grieving?
    Then there's the firewoman who got caught by the monster. She escaped and a chase happen in the vents. You'll notice the openings are of the same size and so is the last where she kicked and went down. Why the f*ck didn't the monster follow her down when it can definitely fit.
    This type of things ruin the whole experience. It's like watching Peninsula(train to busan part 2) all over again.
    Conclusion: not recommended for logical viewers. Wait for an anime adaptation where it can do justice to the webtoon.

  4. its such a god awful adaption. I hate how they made it linear and put fucking pop music in intense and quiet scenes. I know that dragon ball evo and airbender live adaptions were bad but i really like the manhwa and think this is the worst adaption i've ever scene. They completely changed wook's character, they might as well change his name.

  5. Sorry bruh comic sweet home 10/10, one of my favorite comics.
    Netflix adaptation tho, is really eh honestly it doesn’t feel special.
    Honestly I’m tempted to give it a 4/10. 5.5/10 if I’m being nice.

  6. I did not expect this to be good I just randomly needed something to watch. It was really great dont have to many complaints except the creatures sort of are not there for many episodes and focuses alot on the people which is fine.beside the dubbed voices it's really really good.the creatures remind me of house of the dead arcade game

  7. The dog suddenly is missing halfway in the show then appear it again in the last…i love everything about the show but to be honest i was so frustrated about the easilly avoided death like the security monster and that saving the daughter death…but again it is highly recomended…

  8. Even though I don't think the show was inherently poor, the characters are just so much worse than those in the original WEBTOON. The best example is Wook Pyeon ( Gangster dude ) who was an ex-cop in the original manga and he had personality and was incredibly fun to watch but in the show, he's a real gangster and has like zero personality other than " depressed fighter " which goes for Jisu as well. Another issue is the fucking Imagine Dragons song they constantly played over, and over, and over and over again. Like, seriously?! During the fight against the security guard where Jahyun ( Katana man ) was holding him back, I thought the scene was actually good and I was drawn in but I was instantly cut off from any emotional connection towards it the moment they played the Imagine Dragons song. I also feel like the direction they went when it came to the lore regarding how monsters work was a bad decision and just felt cliche and took away from the more unique approach the original creator had ( How monsters eventually become humans after a while ) and I feel like the different ending was less emotional however that perceives over the entire season like Hyuk's death and I know it was done to leave room for season 2 though I'm unsure whether or not it may be good considering the entire government control arc may turn the show from a horror one to a dystopian one which I personally think is a bad idea. The only new character that was decent was the fire-fighter lady. Another issue is with the lack of focus on Hyun, the MAIN CHARACTER because they took out so many of the scenes with character development for Hyun and in general, didn't allow the viewers to connect with Hyun to the point where he feels like an entirely different character who just speaks similar lines to the character in the WEBTOOn.Overall it's a decent show if you haven't read the WEBTOON but when compared to WEBTOON it's a lot worse and drops from a 7 / 10 to like a 4 / 10.

  9. Been reading and awaiting updates from excruciating cliffhangers for over two years. But I'll still say that the Manhwa was way, way better. A single panel alone, even reading it, is just horrifying and creepy, and how they managed to give jumpscares still baffles me.

  10. This series effin sucks. Been on my phone the whole time. Watching it and trying to finish coz i already started. The feeling sucked. No story development. No likeable characters. Even the leading man. I wasnt invested in. This whole series can fit in one episode. Final act when things starting to get interesting and had action was too short. I think people just loved ot coz people addicted to korean nowadays. Alice in borderland much much much better.

  11. I never read the manga but in the show it seemed like they focused more on the group than the main character which was kinda annoying. But aside from that its a really good show.

  12. As the first few episodes followed the original source material well, it leaves the source once the firefighter leaves… If you watched it you'd understand the point it turns south for me. As well as leaving the source, the deaths felt rushed in the show. There wasn't enough time to mourn each person like in the source material.

  13. I never read the manga but I thought the show was great. I totally agree they were self aware of the cheesiness at times but I definitely leaned into it and I'm glad I did because the characters were really interesting and lovable. I don't want to spoil the ending for people reading but I was crying from like episode 8 to maybe 15 minutes before the last episode ended and then that last 15 minutes I was just mad they stopped the season there.