Sony Issues Huge Warning To PS5 Owners! Cyberpunk 2077 Is Causing Severe Problems For Millions!

December 14, 2020 10 Views

It seems as if Cyberpunk 2077 is causing some major problems and issues for PlayStation 5 owners! Rarely do we see Sony react and actually issue these types of warning or even respond at all. It’s nice to see Sony actually let their fans know what’s going on and exactly how to fix some of these issues going forward!


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  1. With Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 I've had soft crashes, I wouldn't worry about it hurting the system. If you have a PS5 and really want to play the game, it runs OK, just doesn't look anywhere near next-gen with the PS4 build on Ps5.

  2. I’m starting to think this guy isn’t a real gamer. I’ve watched two gameplays. This and Miles Morales and he doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s doing on either. Miles Morales is forgivable but a sonic side scroller is a pick up and go.

  3. This guy is so sad. He literally said phil Spencer is the reason cyberpunk has bugs. His claim that sony is allowing refunds for cyberpunk is false. There are many people that have came out showing sony denying them refunds

  4. Sony has nothing to do with the refunds…idiot… cd project red is allowing refunds on all platforms…should be noticing that if it was a 2k game or EA game they wouldn't do refunds it's the company not the platform allowing the refunds

  5. I seriously have about as much concentration on the dialogue of this video as the person playing Sonic had, I'm just distracted by a wandering Hedgehog who seems lost and confused. Especially around the 4 minute mark lol. Though I just saw their encounter with spikes.. and that definitely takes the cake. O.O

  6. First 5min of the video seem like a waste I have no clue what ps5 and cyberpunk 2077 have to do with each other..also yes the sonic game play kinda sucks even though sonic is a great old school game

  7. Not a bad video, some interesting and well thought out ideas. A couple notes from someone who watches a lot of video game related content.
    1) If you’re going to give us information on a specific game, compile footage from that game or at least some stills. 90% of people would prefer stills of related content over something completely unrelated distracting you in the background.

    2) Try to stick to games you either care about or have an interest in. I get that Cyberpunk is the biggest flop we’ve seen since Fallout ‘76, and thus a lot of searches gets people to your site. But your lack on overall enthusiasm spreads to your viewer.

    Other than those two notes, good informative video.