Resident Evil Village PS5 'Maiden' Demo Breakdown – First Look At Resident Evil 8!

January 22, 2021 46 Views

Capcom made a surprise ‘drop’ last night, giving PlayStation 5 owners a chance to sample a small section of Resident Evil Village in the form of the ‘Maiden’ demo. Is it 4K? Is it 60fps? What about ray tracing? Join John Linneman, Alex Battaglia and RE expert Alex Aniel for their views on the demo.

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  1. On second viewing I just realised that the "other Alex" is CVXFreak! The man has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Resident Evil, ever since writing hundred-page guides in .txt for GameFAQs back in the 90's/00's.

  2. As good as the graphics are out doors looks like a ps3 game and why native 4k but massssssssssively compressed textures. No point in clarity when textures look like a 25% quality jpeg lol.

  3. Feel like I wasted 3k on my alienware area 51 i7 10700k/2080 super build. I have not been able to get 4k60 with RT effects in any game. HDR doesn't work most of the time compared to consoles either. Disappointed. What's the answer? Wait for gpu amplifier that supports a 3080 I suppose… for a 1000 more dollars. Or trade my ps4 pro and xbox one x towards a new console when they become available. Thought a 2080 super would be at the very least on par with a Series X gpu.