COVID-19: The New Variants | Start Here

January 18, 2021 13 Views

The virus that causes COVID-19 is mutating and spreading around the world.
It’s led to more contagious variants, including one that’s caused an unprecedented spike in cases in the UK.
Vaccine roll-outs are in full swing but will they still work?
Should we be worried?

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  1. Those who had their vaccine will not become zombies but rather will not have offsprings hence the end of humanity. Inoculate all human population as per logic of world leaders. But have we seen the long term effects of those covid-19 vaccines particularly in the reproductive health?

  2. Love your reporting at Al jazera. But Covid19 news variant in Nigeria is a lie. Look around with low level of testing, very low social distancing and usage of face mask. If you have have covid19 the likely hood of transmission is way higher and our health care system isn't capable of containing it. So no new variant in Nigeria or very little case(s) if there is at all.

  3. The CCP Virus from the Wuhan Lab killed 2.6+ million so far and it's not over yet. The CCP and Xi Jin Hitler PIG should be prosecuted in world court but we have a bunch of world leaders with no spine at least Australia step up and say they want an independent investigation.

  4. It is never going to end because there are powers with goals who wish to keep this going. The scare mongering is on top gear and it will continue until those in power ensure they have absolute control over the people.

  5. Doctors are mostly deficient in their diagnosis and now because of this covid calamity, they have enlisted by the government to spread fear and misinformation about the covid virus. People who contract covid 19 are mostly the aged and the thoughtless, for it is fittest mentally who will survive this natural pandemic.

  6. President Trump fast tracking new vaccine RNA technology including monoclonal antibody research and technology to solve the current pandemic crisis will be key to solving current pandemic. The current Chinese government irresponsibility of allowing open wet markets to stay open which is the major cause of spreading Covid and flu virus and variants need to be condemned and closed immediately

  7. Technically not true that no one alive today had never seen pandemic like this before. It may have been said for dramatic purposes but there are still people alive today that lived during the Spanish flu pandemic since current olderst person still alive was born in 1903.