CHEAP NEXT GEN SETUP | Xbox Series S, Monitors, Headsets + MORE

January 14, 2021 11 Views

The Xbox Series S is the cheapest way to get into next gen Xbox gaming, so we thought we’d suggest some items on the cheaper end but still great quality to compliment it and get you up and running!

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  1. Here's a secret to play gamepass games for free. Use microsoft rewards and gamepass quests everyday to add up points. A month of gamepass costs 12,000 points. It's absolutely possible to aquire 12,000 points every month though rewards and quests each month, and sometimes in a matter of weeks. So essentially you're only buying a series s and a lifetime of gamepass for free. It's the 14th and I have enough points for another month and I'm already stacking up for next month. Happy gaming everyone ✌️😎

  2. Wish I hadn't bothered with mine. Barely notice the difference from my xbox one. Not to mention the thing was underwhelming when setting up. It's nothing but a new xbox one with a junk amount of storage. Even the box that it arrived in said xbox series s xbox one lol. Should have got a ps5.

  3. I love gaming and I was mostly a Playstation guy in last gen with the PS4. Once I saw the Series S reveal, I had a big smile on my face and said this is it, in some way or another I am jumping back into the world of Xbox. I got Series S even before I got the PS5 (thanks to the limited supplies) and all I can say is that I am in love with this little beast.

    I hope that I will be wrong about this but Series S might be the most underrated video game console of all time if Microsoft doesn't marketed well.

    It has all the awesome features to broke sale records

    It's surprisingly small (for people who loves to game with family and friends, you can easily put this bad boy into your backpack πŸŽ’) absurdly silent, fast and joy to play with.

    Only concern that I have about the Series S is that media act like it doesn't exist as next gen console. Microsoft should be loud and clear about the future of this amazing console. (Like, yes it will have all the next gen games throughout the generation and only difference will be the resolution and maybe some minor changes)

    I am 33 and I can say that Series S is the best purchase I have ever made in last decade including Switch and Ps4 which I love it so much.

    This console makes sense for anyone who loves video games.

    Series S + Game Pass Ultimate = Pure Joy