Sony PlayStation 5 Developer JOINS NEW Xbox Studio | HUGE AAA Xbox Game COMING | Xbox & Ps5 News

December 21, 2020 11 Views

Sony developer joins new Xbox studio who’s making a brand new AAA game for the Xbox Series X. With so many great games coming from Sony’s Ps4 the developers are joining other studios.

Microsoft’s new AAA Xbox Series X studio is one of those studios grabbing amazing PlayStation 5 developers.

With Xbox’s new studios opening up all the time what can Sony do so they’ll continue to make massive AAA games for the Ps5? Both companies are making new studios and hiring like crazy for the next generation consoles.

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  1. Top down games are shit the genres old as fuk since 1960s and outdated nomatter how a top down game is made it's full on crap genre it doesn't show the power of seriesx or s if I was phil spencer the first genre to fuk off would be top down games I would say my console will not have any types of top down games and if the game is top down on other consoles I would tell game company to make 3rd 1st view or anything else outside of top down

  2. Xbox Game Studios isn’t messing around. They have invested a lot of money into studios by creating and acquiring new studios as well as talent from Naughty Dog and many other AAA studios. I’m excited to see gameplay!

  3. Keep counting Sony devs going to Xbox and yet nothing happened xbot ?.
    Msft is a shit dev , even if the best Sony veterans like Cory barlog join msft they will only get screwed as msft did for many studios , this has already been proven factual .
    Ps studios are far better than xbox's
    Same thing with the actual publisher SIE bring better than Xbox publisher

  4. How much of the next gen can it possibly be when the systems aren't readily available these companies need to work on getting the hardware out and it doesn't matter how many games or what kind of games they have if nobody can get their hands on the hardware