Hitman 3 Has A Huge Advantage On Xbox Series X | Xbox Series X Hitman 3 Performs Better than PS5

January 21, 2021 7 Views

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  1. What cracks me up is the PS fanboys can't even keep a consistent narrative these days…

    AC: Valhalla – PS5=Higher res with framedrops / sX=lower res but more stable 60… YAY PS5 WINS, RESOLUTION IS EVERYTHING!!!!

    Hitman 3 – PS5= lower res but more stable 60 / sX= higher res but with framedrops… YAY PS5 WINS, PERFORMANCE IS EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Whatever Digital Foundry Lied Again PS5 have better reflection and textures and better colors sharper compared to XSX little washed out now the reason for XSX having a little better shadow that's if you can tell the difference the reason is due to higher resolution this is the second time I caught Digital Foundry lying so you guys don't get too excited yet
    They lied about Dirt 5 at the beginning and now they lied about Hitman 3

  3. Over time, I do believe games will have a higher resolution on the Series X. Performance will be similar on all consoles since devs will push for this over resolution. The question is what will AI upscalijg bring for later games. The PS5 will also be able to use it when its available, but the Xbox has dedicated hardware that can assist with it so that its not done only by the CPU.

  4. Dee you do realise the PS5 version is just a ported PS4 Pro version right? There won’t be a proper PS5 next gen multiplat game until 2023 at the earliest according to Sony when they stop supporting the PS4 Pro ?

  5. Can’t stay away from toxic this dude. Alex is just as bias as this dude. He said first game for the next gen systems , devil may cry, and the rest of the games that came out aren’t included i guess , where ps5 did better. The point is this for xbox series x to have been released and play games like it did? Completely incompetent ppl at Microsoft starting with phil . Stop being toxic bruh and you dont anything based on how many times you been wrong the last 5 months bro

  6. Ahh that's why the Series X has lower reflection surfaces and is missing other reflections and details compared to the PS5 & Series S. Typical dumb fucking casuals can't see shit even if it slaps them straight in the face. Btw I have the Series X.

  7. VRS RITE? Xbox series x and s has VRS rite. So can anyone tell me why the series s and the ps4 pro both play this game at 1080p 60 max resolution. I'm pretty sure the Xbox one x could play this game at 60fps at a much higher resolution than 1080p rite. Therefore that confirms the ps5 can also play this game at native 4k 60 unless u bots accept that the series s wit VRS and ps4 pro both playing hitman 3 at 1080p 60 makes sense. Seem like their plenty of room for improvement on the ps5 and series s. Keep that same energy.