A powerful, nonpartisan solution to fix U.S. Politics | Katherine M. Gehl | TEDxMileHigh

December 30, 2020 100 Views

Our political system in America is broken, right? Wrong. This is exactly how the system is designed to work — it just wasn’t designed to work for us, the American people. In this inspiring talk, nonpartisan political innovator Katherine M. Gehl explains how we can reinvent our elections & get better results out of Washington. Katherine M. Gehl is the founder of The Institute for Political Innovation, a nonpartisan nonprofit founded in 2020 to catalyze modern political change in America. She is the former president and CEO of Gehl Foods, a $250-million high-tech food-manufacturing company that she sold in 2015. In the public sector, Katherine served on the Board of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). In 2020, she published The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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  1. Please, please, please make this happen! I bet if you took this idea to Bill Gates, or even Google, they'd get behind you and give this a big push. Americans are so sick of the duopoly and if we could all see a way out, this would be fixed overnight.

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  3. Except that the social, moral and ethical division is at this point terminal. The east coast socialism and then the separate California style progressivism are totally alien and contrary to the ideals of the founders and the meaning of the Constitution.
    I am all for a nice convention where we draw some new lines for the Peoples New England Socialist States then give California its free leave…a few less stars and everyone will be happy.
    With CA and NY sending their representatives to force their beliefs upon the other states instead of protect their states intrest we can at this point never trust anything coming from them.
    We are not united anymore. It is just a matter of time until people finally admit it out loud.

  4. Brilliant content. Now please hire an new speaking coach. You sounded like yourself for a second- 3:25-3::40 ish . The rest of the time, it seemed as though you had been coached to speak very slowly, with ultra rehearsed gestures -as though you were explaining this content to a group of non-English-speaking 7 year olds.

  5. Kudos. I am glad I decided to stick it out past the {boring/repeated/depressing} bad news. This would be difficult to game unless the deep-pocketed deep state backs all eligible candidates – you need to delve into this aspect of reality. My idea was to invert the reward system – politicians are slaves for the entire term, paid minimum wages{due to interruptions, they may claim 24 working hours per day}, no bodyguards, no perks. I want a system where NOBODY wants such a post. If at the end of the term they do a good job, they are allowed to live{optional}.

  6. I definitely relate to being "politically homeless." However, the candidates with access to the most money make it through the primaries, not the most qualified for the job. As long as money decides who gets to run, and ultimately who wins, the American people will continue to lose. As long as politics is allowed to be a business, it will continue to be dysfunctional. We NEED automatic voter registration, so every eligible person can vote. We NEED publicly funded elections, so every qualified candidate gets access to equal campaign funds. We NEED term limits for the president, vice president, and all congressional seats, so no alliances are formed to undermine our democracy or the will of the people, and further divide our country. Money does not belong in politics. We the people elect our leaders to form a governement that is of the people, by the people, for the people. ALL THE PEOPLE, not just the richest people who fund their campaigns to get them elected to office to specifically serve them. The dairy industry, which Ms. Gehl was a part of, is failing because dairy products have been linked to cancer, and their business practices are bad for our planet. Corporate control of our elections and our governement is bad for our country and our planet. We the American people need to kick the oligarchy to the proverbial curb and reclaim our democracy. Even if we don't all agree on everything, we all matter. There is more of US then there are of them. We the people have more power than we realize.

  7. Every technically savvy political scientist and innovator I've spoken with agrees that the VoteMatrix project is the BEST way to repair the major issues with Democracy.
    I've personally presented this to Katherine and Prof. Porter (@Unrig the Summit and @Harvard Business School), but they aren't considering technology as a potential solution.
    Respectfully, policies described here are extremely slow to implement and will be as effective as putting band-aids on a gushing wound if they are ever implemented.
    If you are only interested in policy changes, also look into the Center for Election Science and RepresentUs.

  8. Many people who see this may not understand how these 2 changes will plant a new tree that bares fruits of change for years to come. Pay attention and, btw, share this with everyone you know who gives a damn. Tell em all to turn off corporate news and get out of the algorithm bubbles they're stuck in, bc it's US that needs to change if we want to improve our lives and our country.

    Again, let me reiterate.. change the personnel in DC and nothing will change for us.. changing the party in power or gettint more fundamentalist ideologues to save the f day will NEVER work! It's not a persons problem. If ideology were gonna save us or prepare us for the future, it would have done it in the past 2 centuries or wtf ever. Wake up and get to work mfs.

    Tick tock.. the clock keeps on ticking and we keep on suffering while thinking the same ole weaponized partisan b.s. is gonna save us. Stop it.

  9. Good thing the constitution gives us the power against the 2 party system. If it WASN'T in the constitution, an idea thats a direct threat to the ? pockets ? in power, she might've gotten herself suicided ??!!

    It's happened to others who've threatened the money & power of the system!!

  10. This is nothing new. This lady is recognizing that people are lazy, don’t pay attention, or take action to ensure the future they want….so they don’t pay attention to primaries. So instead of telling them to WAKE UP she just thinks we should change the rules all around. That will inevitably create a whole new set of unforeseen issues. You reap what you sow people. YOU are the ones voting for these idiots

  11. I wholly support ranked-choice voting. My criticism for this video in particular before I share it more widely: 1) the graphics indicate Trump won more votes than Hillary. This is not true. I recommend focusing on her own state of Wisconsin and how many votes went for the 4 main candidates there instead of graphically misrepresenting that he earned more votes nationally. 2) Referring to a group of nearly all white male candidates as diverse is a bit of a punch to the gut. Since she didn't restrict them all to the period of founding fathers, why not include Harriet Tubman or other non white historical figures. By avoiding any "controversy" in her selections she has created controversy of homogeny.

    I honestly can't share this with my circles for these reasons because it would be dismissed as out of touch with BIPOC citizens and the white folks would rip it apart for the Trump vote graphic. The good and important message would get lost.

  12. ⚠️سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم⚠️
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  13. I’m ready to see partisan parties banned altogether. If would be leaders can’t stand on their own integrity to ask entrance they don’t deserve to run, be elected or to serve.

  14. I applied to help get this implemented in my state. I'm tired of being politically homeless and I want to support anyone I can. Would love to see America's 2 party system demolished, even if it's at a start of local level with house and senate.

  15. I would like to ask because I am not entirely clear on how this would eliminate or reduce Billion dollar influence on any respective person running for a position? Levels the playing field, but not the outside influence. Tnx.

  16. I implore everyone who watches this to watch it all the way through multiple times.. let it sink in. She talks slowly for a reason. We have to change how we've been conditioned to think about these things. Remember, it's in OUR hands to understand this information and then mobilize and amplify the message. We have the power to do this.. many of us just haven't realized it yet.

    Start with the realization that Alaska has heard her call and taken it to heart. Other places in the states are moving towards a version of ranked choice voting.

    It takes many of us working hard to get these things into public awareness and then actualize into reality. WE are the answer. We can't sit back and hope other people will do it for us. If you're watching this, YOU are being called to the battle lines. YOU are what we need. Let's get to work being the citizens our country needs!

  17. The other point not covered here about Final 5 Voting, is that due to the distribution of preferences (like here in Australia) it means that those who are elected actually need to compromise and work across party lines to keep the voters onside. I know it's unlikely, but I still think that compulsory voting in the US would also help.

  18. Interesting idea but wouldn't the R vote their person 1 and the D person 5, and same the other way? I don't understand how final results would be different and if it's not different what makes the politicians want to change?

  19. Glad to hear talk about the real issue (plurality voting) getting out there. I agree on getting rid of primaries, but RCV is plurality voting. It uses the same one-candidate-one-voter system as plurality and creates all the same problems: polarization, gridlock, gerrymandering (just look at San Francisco). I would offer that any score voting system election (approval, STAR voting, &c) would push all candidates toward the center-majority and would identify the most desired candidate of the voters without a need for any final five or other election runoff required.