Sony Issuing Refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4/PS5

December 13, 2020 7 Views

Sony Issuing Refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 | Ginger Prime Gaming
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Video Games Chronicle reports that PS4 users are able to get refunds due to Sony’s digital refund policy that the game is faulty:
How to get a refund on Cyberpunk 2077, or Cyberpunk 2077 how to get a refund on ps4.

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  1. It's not only the Bugs .Game has bigger problems:

    BAD physics,BAD A.I.,Empty streets,Lifeless City,NO minigames,BAD police system,Crap NPCs ,TP when you drive but not when you walk..

  2. Good for Sony if they are taking them. Even though I commend CDPR for building a game that’s meant for PC this day and age, Shame on them for releasing this on last gen systems. They should of only focused on next gen. Fortunately for cloud users you have Gforce Now if you want to experience everything this game was meant to be. With stadia being a good looking second if you don’t want to play a monthly sub and don’t mind 1080p

    Can’t wait until the next gen version comes on consoles to see what gets brought over from the PC version.

  3. Its clear the game became a next gen title late in development. What they SHOULD have done was keep it optimized for current consoles and not focus on next gen like they did. Cause focusing on next gen is what ultimately hurt this game. Focus on current gen and getting that version out FIRST. Then work on and release ps5 and xbox SX later down the line.

    Tbh i dont fully blame CD. I feel they were pressured to release when it clearly wasn't ready. Just so WB could meet those holiday sales. Its about 50/50 in terms of whos at fault at this point. Both CD and even more Warner Bros the publisher and shareholders.

  4. I ended up getting the Stadia version, a day after struggling with it on Ps4.
    Runs great on Stadia– bugs still do exist of course, but totally different experience.
    They should have delayed the older gens' release some more, or not released it at all– In my opinion.

  5. This is about to hit big. Gaming companies better be ready cause yes..I agree with the complaint…hell to no on releasing broke ass games with expectations that it should play and perform like a damn PC..just no, no and no..I really hope some heads get chopped off for this debacle and damn straight I just saved $60

  6. I feel bad for the ones who have the older model Xbox/PS4's and if they're literally unable to play it, refunds are absolutely acceptable.

    However, I've seen a small margin (compared to the 7+ million sales) just constantly complaining about things. Enough to where I'm just tirednof searching for Cyberpunk anything right now. The game is amazing. It has glitches and what not, yeah. But maybe its from how I've grown up playing expecting that? I dont know. My fun factor outweighs my annoyance level right now, and thats what matters in the end. Please don't tell people to not play games they like, it's ridiculous.

  7. Is there any news about refunds for base xbox versions I submit a refund request but it was denied due to it being a digital download which I believe is against the law not quite sure.

    I'm going to call xbox support tomorrow to see if I get refund that way.

  8. I only clicked on this cause the missing "F" in the thumbnail. Im playing on ps4 tho. The same ps4 i bought like what feels like 10 yrs ago when the ps4 came out. Vanilla ps4. Cyberpunk is atrocious on it. That being said I've played 22 hrs so far and i want to play this game on ps5 where i kinda figure it was being made for.

  9. I mean idk why its getting refunded on ps5 runs great on performance sure not next gen as it will be soon but damn lol hey nice of Sony tho tbh I mean what were the devs thinking and then to do something extra for the one they have a marketing deal with yeah not cool but I have to say for the ps4 version to be on ps5 without anything besides the raw performance on the console itself it does good to do 1180p at 60fps and its pretty steady even in comparison to the series x which is 1080p at 60fps on performance mode so its go a slightly resolution and more steady with less dips on the ps5 so yeah not bad but again the series x did get the version from the one x which already had better rendering and just better performance around then the ps4 version of course but to see what the ps5 did with literally only the console itself doing it without anything added its pretty cool to see I can't wait for the next gen patches its going to be insane lol so inbother words for the ps5 to take the qorsr version of cyberpunk from the ps4 and do what it did to it thats pretty good imo si can't wait wait see what it does with the future next gen patch exciting stuff Sony is def upset with the devs tho and most people are what were they thinking they could of waited another rear on consoles like come on and then to tell people don't show the early content now ee know why lol hey let me take your money haha your fucked that's what it feels like but then Sony goes nope mofo we are issuing refunds to anybody that wants one ahha good on Sony to do that hopefully the devs will do better this game has been announced since what 2013 like come the fuck on

  10. Honestly I'm on the ps4 and I'm just not seeing the problem. Like yeah it's buggy but no one can show me the platform that isn't buggy … The game will be fixed I mean the last patch we got seemed to take care off crashes and game breaking bugs .a lot of rpgs ran like ass on day one . Games use patches now people.

  11. Hi i dont know what to do because i pre ordered cyberpunk on ps4 23/11/2020 and it wont let me refund but my game still crashes and i cannot play it and i want my money back but ps4 support says they cant refund it