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Attack on Titan has 3 chapters left, so how will everyone find a way to stop Eren Jaeger? #Sufferents #AttackonTitan #AOT136

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  1. I believe that Eren won't be alive for much longer, sadly, I believe he can't be healed from Gabi's shot, and is barely hanging because of the source of all life that is attached to his severed head and body, so my theory is that he's already dying or will die afterwards, regardless of the rumbling being completed or not

  2. I love how Zeke was sitting cross legged on the ground playing with sand like he was told off by his mother or something and was in a huff then sees Armin come to him like "You too, huh? Tough break kid." On a serious note though, the two of them together are bound to have a big brain 2000 IQ plan up their sleeves. They're easily two of the smartest minds on the whole series!

  3. This chapter is just killing me. I just know eren is going to die no matter what and it hurts cause I really want Mikasa to be happy because they both really do love each other but Mikasa was afraid to share her feelings and eren gave her that opportunity.

    But anyways yeah there is no way eren survives here. Even if he stops the rumbling after all he has done(yes it was for his race) but everyone will just attack him or say hes too dangerous to live. Man is just trying to save his race.

    Btw how come no one is mentioning the weird parasite thing that Gabi mentioned?? I feel this is a huge plot piece that was subtly thrown in. Like is this thing controlling eren? Is it the reason why this founding form looks like it does now? If that thing is destroyed will the titan ability and ymirs curse end? How will armin save humanity(mind you he is narrating this so that kind of confirms the death of eren).

  4. I post this theory in every video about the manga. Ymir will kill someone Eren loves. Eren will retaliate at Ymir because he wants to kill Everyone outside of Paradis where as Ymir wants to kill everyone. Eren will Transform into the titan at the front of his skeleton titan. Ymir will transform into her 240 meter titan and they will fight. Both Ymir and Eren die, thus putting an end to all titans. I think this would be pretty badass to see in the anime. Not sure if It makes sense in the current manga but I don't really care.

  5. It’s interesting how this is going down the shonen route and gonna have a cookie cutter ending Isayama is a genius and he’s created this generations greatest IP but let’s not pretend this whole post paradise angle has been downhill of everything before the declaration of war

  6. ok so i have very MAD theory but hey whats wrong in theorizing , so hear me out WE HAVE SEEN IN THE LATEST CHAPTER THAT YMIR IS ACTUALLY OUT OF THE PATHS DIMENSION SHES IN REAL WORLD NOW AND SHES A LITTLE GIRL NOW I DONT WHAT AND HOW ITS ALL GONNA COME AROUND BUT I THINK HISTORIA IS ACTUALLY YMIR HERSELF , HEAR ME OUT WHAT IF TIME IS NOT LINEAR JUST LIKE THE DARK SERIES LIKE WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN THE PAST BEING CHANGED BY FUTURE EREN THAT CONFIRMS THAT MAYBE JUST MAYBE TIMETRAVEL IS POSSIBLE NOW THAT YMIR WHOS OUT OF HER THIS REALM IS SENT BACK TO ROD REISS AND THAT BLOND HAIRED WOMAN(also known as historias mom rods mistress) FOR HISTORIA TO EXIST BECAUSE HISTORIAS MOm USED TO HATE HER AND WANTED HER TO NOT EXIST BECAUSE SHE never wanted her but got her as she was sent by eren to cmake sure that future events happen exactly as we saw ALSO FRIEDA WHEN SHE MET HISTORIA SHE READ HER THAT BOOK AND IN THAT BOOK YMIRS NAME IS CHRISTA WHICH IS ODDLY ALSO HISTORIAS NAME , AND THE REASON WHY YOUNGER EREN SEES MEMORIES OF FUTURE and PAST WHEN HE KISSES HER HAND IS BECUASE SHE IS ACTUALLY ymir herself he sees memoires of ymir from 2000 years ago because historia is ymir herself, also historia saying shes the enemy of humanity which she is doing right now destroying humanity along with eren , YMIR has been with our main characters all this time in the form of historia, her memories of being in the paths realm for millions of years had been wiped out also by touching eren she sees freida well itsnt friedsa it is eren resembling freida the concept of frieda was madeup by rod reiss whos memories are also being manipulated by eren which makes sense that eren was always with ymir , we actually never got to know about frieda except from the story told by rod reiss perspective and grishas memories which could have easily been altered dont tell me u havent thought about that eren frieda resemblance , i think the world is going to end other than the scouts who are fighting against eren (reiner connie mikasa gabbi falco annie jean pieck zeke armin) whats gonna happen to these guys? i think they live their lives in the past and we have seen them all , they are set on their paths in the past to make this rumbling and the end of the world happen, gabbi is actually sasha who is sent by eren to the village to his dad and eren manipulates his memories into making him think that she is his daughter , no wonder we never saw sashas mom lul, both had good aim cus they are the same person, MAYBE falco is that grice guy who brought grisha into the restortionists his so called uncle is falco himself, now for the controversial ones maybe just maybe kenny is old jean same looks same hair , also maybe levi is jeans and mikasas son and jean is led to beleive by memory manipulation that he is actually his uncle kenny but infact he is his father no wonder he was confused as to whether to become his father figure when he was actually one but he did well anyways teaching levi how to survive and stuff no wonder kenny was no match for levi cus levis an ackerman and kenny is not , also kennys grandfather resembles zeke a lot thats on his death bed and told jean/kenny about the ackermans who in the past used to protect the founding titan(mikasa and levi protecting eren) he was also manipulated by eren/ymir and was sent here with to live his life and die beleiving himself to be granddad of kenny , how ironic that zeke dies beleiving himself to be an ackerman considering how the royal blood was just a mindset and how after the rumbling the concept of royal blood has vanished maybe this might happen lmao , ok so annie is that kenny squad leader grill who beleived in kenny aka jean the resemblance is there , maybe conny is the pastor nick same eyes small batch of hair on nicks head his memories were the least manipulated cus he knew what was happening and what needed to happen in order to correct the world he si going to tell the identity of christa/ymir to scouts that she is really important , cant fit reiner pieck anywhere tho xd also mikasa is kiyomi pls dont hate me guys , the concept of ackerman memories not being manipulated was only told to us by kennys granddad/zeke whos memories were already being replaced , mikasa is a dead end for me liek maybe she was kuchel who died giving birth to levi ,pls dont hate meeee to theorize something outside the box one has to abandon their humanity , armin could be erwin lmao same hairstyle same intelligence but different motives as erwin felt like somethign was wrong liek the truth as somewhat hidden and very much great as he was in the wrong timeline also the complex that erwin/armin one had to be chosen but they were the same person but different times also the fact that we see taht erwina dn armin had similar histories erwin father died seeking out the truth same as armin as his parents tried to venture outside the walls , just a thought maybe arminwas erwins dad pls dont kill me guys , ok so the ending is that eren and current pregnant ymir/christa/historia are the last survivers and their child is born who is finally free of outside worlds judgement or hatred as there is no outside world,also the power of titans ,concept of races has ended as there is noone of left the curse of ymir also lifts and aot ends on eren holding his cadn ymirs child telling them that YOU ARE FINNALY FREE , i know this is full of plotholes but i started thinking about this when i read somewhere that isayama answered to a question about the ending that it is just the beginning!

  7. The most heartbreaking part for me was Armin screaming and hating on himself.
    He's been my favorite character from the beginning because he's like a reflection of myself.. Everything I always wanted for him was to find confidence, peace and comfort. But THIS.. THIS happened and it shattered my heart. I was bawling my eyes out…

  8. To think that this great story really might end with our protagonist team betraying their home and switching side to the fucking Marleyans who they fought for the whole time and who murdered so many of them is sad. Really a dumb and forced plot to end this grandiose saga.