How to Protect Your Manga! Yellowing and Fading

January 20, 2021 9 Views

I hope you enjoyed the tips on how to protect your manga!

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  1. This was a very interesting video! I leave my manga just on the shelfs, unprotected but there's a tree outside of my window, yea there's still sunlight coming in my room, but I don't think it's really direct. So hopefully that still won't ruin my manga.

  2. My bookshelf with manga currently lives inside my closet, and I open the closet to display the manga when the sun is down. That's really the solution I have for now, I'm not sure how long will that last if my collection keeps growing. Bookshelves with doors may help too. I recently got a "new" manga from Rightstuf that came with yellowing :/ Do you recommend to sandpaper the edges down to remove the yellow?

  3. Great video and tips! I can't speak on what to do if you live in a house with smoke or smells, however I did have an issue once where I received books from ebay that smelled strongly of smoke. I searched online and found this helpful tip: put the manga/books in a ziploc bag with some baking soda or activated charcoal, which will absorb the smell, then you can shake off the powder afterward. I kept them in the bag for almost a week and although it wasn't perfect, the majority of the smell did dissipate. Hope this can help anyone that has this problem! Keep up the great work and videos! 🙂

  4. Lol I live in an extremely hot country so there tends to be a lot of humidity and because of that I leave my mangas on display during winter and put them in drawers during summer to protect them. Not to mention the shelves are right in front of the window.

  5. Contact paper seems to be really effective, here's the name of a video that covers the topic nicely:

  6. have been needing this!! especially since i buy alot of my manga from a local used manga store. brand new is too expensive for collecting:(

    also is there any way to clean manga covers? (specifically for used ones)

  7. after i read the manga i cover it with plastic. not just the cover page, i mean the entire book itself 😀 i had a book that i covered 3 years ago and the pages are still white. i think it works as long as it's airtight ?

  8. What I do with the manga that is by my window is I have a black out curtain that I just always have closed on my windows. Im not home during the day much anyway cause of my job and its not that big of a deal too me. So that is definitely an option for people like me.

  9. If you have the money, I would bail on the curtain idea and swap it out with a uv filtering acrylic sheet to cover each shelf or better yet diy it into a cabinet door. Not only will you protect it from sunlight but you’ll be able to protect it from dust and enjoy viewing it. There are also such things as UV blocking window film that you can also place on your windows to prevent harmful light to reach your manga. Also when it comes to moisture and odor control, get both a dehumidifier and an air purifier.