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Find out everything you need to know about the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine! I’m a 4th year resident doctor, specializing in rheumatology and today we are discussing what we know about the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and what questions still remained unanswered.

0:50 – understand your immune system
2:15 – how vaccines were developed so quickly
2:55 – how the mRNA vaccine works
5:07 – the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, Phase 3 Trial
9:04 – unanswered questions

I am NOT sponsored by any pharmaceutical or biotech companies. I receive no money or talking points. This video is based on scientific evidence.

Thank you very much to Dr. Zain Chagla (infectious diseases), Dr. Hetal Patel (public health), and the Vaccine Makers Project (animations) for their collaboration on this video!

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Animations created by and for
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  1. Have you heard confusing things on the internet or from your friends? Do you have more questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Write a comment and let me know! I would love to make a follow-up video answer your questions! Thanks for watching and stay safe πŸ’œ

  2. Thanks for explaining how it works in theory, but I need to see how this one works in practice. Long term data for a vaccine I don’t even need cause I’m not at risk of dying. Most people aren’t for that matter.

    These companies are also exempt from liability. So I’m gonna be screwed if I take it and something bad happens. I couldn’t forgive myself for taking something I don’t need and something goes wrong.

  3. How can anyone still not see that the Bible is true?????????
    – Destruction of Damascus
    – Vaccine with 666 that changes DNA (PRECURSOR to the mark of the beast, since vaccine is not a "mark." Soon they will come with a "certificate" to show whether you are vaccinated or not!!!!!!)
    – Chaos everywhere (riots)
    – Forest Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes
    – Peace treaty with ISREAL!!!!!! (ABRAHAM ACCORD)
    – Forcing laws that don't even exist (wear masks)
    – Heart of people becoming wax cold (wear masks, you are endangering me………….)
    – New World Order ("The Great Reset 2021")
    – Sudden and random confirmation that Aliens exist (to explain away the Rapture of the Church by saying that aliens abducted them)
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  4. So my mom is a rn and she got the shot in dec 26th and she stay in the house for 7 days after that by her self and didn't go out cleaned everything jan 1st while at home she came down with covid 19 can u explain why she got it since she already got the vac and why did she come down with it a week later when she was still in corentin stage with no human contact she believes in science so u can tell her nothing she says her house phone gave it to her cuz she forgot to clean it of when she got the shot

  5. This is not a vaccines!!! This is a mRNA gene therapy!! 55 and going died in US, 30 in Norway, 10 in Germany, 53 in Gibraltar, Portugal a healthy nurse, Brazil, not to mention significant side effects of cerebral palsy and convulsion!!!

  6. Too much detail, this was their mistake they gave too much info to general public and people don`t understand and they are afraid to take the vaccin. I got my first shot and I`m happy, hopefully it will end the pandemic. Now I don`t have anxiety when I see people who don`t wear the mask properly and stick the nose out.

  7. To anyone worried about long term side effects:
    I really don't think there's any real mechanism to cause long term harm. As far as the mRNA itself, it's literally just strains of mRNA that code for (relatively inert) proteins. Our body uses mRNA to code for proteins all the time, so that isn't new. There's no virus involved at any point so there's no risk of infection. The technology is pretty good at replicating how viruses work, and that process itself isn't associated with any long term effects. There HAVE been mRNA vaccines before, specifically the one for Ebola – which I believe was in stage 3 trials and got an emergency use authorization. I'm pretty good at examining potential consequences, and really the only thing outside of normal immune reaction side effects I can think is an excessive inflammatory reaction related to the delivery mechanism.

  8. Why should healthy people take an experimental vaccine that has a higher chance of injuring us than the actual virus? Do you know about ADE? Did you know people that get the vaccine can still get and transmit the virus? This is about money and culling of the population.

  9. The Last PROFESSIONAL Mechanic I delt with at a reputable dealership in my area told me my car was repaired properly and correctly…It wasn't. It broke down a day after I picked it up from the dealership..Now I had to get a lawyer..I wonder if you can do that if this vaccine doesn't work as described either???…..:)

  10. Watch in rumble website about Dr. Simone Gold talk about this experimental vaccines – tested ferrets after the 2nd dose, exposed to virus, drop dead!!! Don't be deceived with these advertisement because I must admit they explained it well in such a way that you will be convince to have it. Try watching the video of Dr. Simone first and then you decide if you still want it! I am one of the healthworkers and I am here to save lives and not take lives!!!