PS5 Faceplates Announced Calling Out Sony And Cyberpunk 2077 Faces A Big Lawsuit | News Wave

December 28, 2020 12 Views

Customizing the PS5 has been really interesting to gamers with the possibilities of special edition shells or faceplates being a big talking point after Sony shut down the last attempt by a website. Now it looks like dbrand is going to be producing their own faceplates for the PS5 even daring Sony to sue them if they don’t like it. Cyberpunk 2077 has been in news constantly since it released for how poor the launch has been and now lawsuits are starting to pop up with the first lawsuit now being officially filed.

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00:00 – Start

00:44 – Nintendo eShop Struggles

2:15 – Sony Japan Studios Loses Another Developer

3:51 – Silksong Is The Cover Story For Edge

5:10 – Dbrand Announces PS5 Faceplates

8:34 – Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against CD Projekt

11:20 – Japan Sales Charts

14:36 – Linux For The N64 Released Online

16:27 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. I think it's just Sony shifting talent to other places, or are starting the process of making the different internal teams their own studios making their own games, instead of just working with other devs to help make their games. Hope this leads to Gravity Rush 3 sooner lmao

  2. If the Switch sells more than the PS5 in the long run, it'll be blamed on COVID. If the Switch outsells the PS2 and becomes the number selling console of all time, it'll still be blamed on COVID…I hope that happens. – Nintendo Fanboy

  3. I knew the face plates was coming when they sued Plate-station. Dbrand I am still miffed with how that company tweeted how they think we the consumers are stupid and cannot put the skins on right. So until they apologize I will not by a thing from them.

  4. The heads of CDPR should definitely be fired over this. Such oversight is extremely dangerous for a company, this is what causes bankruptcy. Whether the games “officially” released in February or not in a playable form, the lies have tanked their reputation. If they hadn’t forced themselves into a corner with releasing it on the old consoles or mentioned a release date this could’ve been salvaged. Oh well, I looked forward to cyberpunk for years but I won’t support CDPR with my money… not unless everyone in charge is fired for their lack of moral, ethical, and involved leadership.

  5. What was the Nintendo switch case that you suggested we buy it was like some type of Donkey Kong or something switch case can you please let me know I can't remember which video it was please get back with me or somebody it was a protective case that you put on it I think you dropped it a couple times I just need the name of it

  6. As someone with some experience with stocks I feel it's worth mentioning just how common these lawsuits are.
    It's really not particularly news worthy or special when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077.

    You see these kind of lawsuits everywhere if a company is big enough.
    These law firms always try to stay busy obviously so they're constantly looking for something to do. It doesn't have to be really bad so these kinds of lawsuit announcements usualy don't mean much because bigger companies with in house lawyers are almost always in some legal twist and losing a few here and there are basically unavoidable and kind of a expected cost.
    I mean why else would companies have lawyers on staff, it would be a waste if they weren't always working.

  7. I'm wondering regarding those only Stores of Sony and Microsoft: Isn't there any quality control in place to check on the Games before they are listed? Guess in the future they will be more careful what to put online and what not.

  8. TBH there is gonna be more switch titles sold because people want to buy the next gen consoles but can't because of supply and scalpers,,so they make do with the switch. I was gonna buy one but there are no interesting games on it yet so couldn't justify buying it….it's basically a WiiU 2

  9. Options with Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt gives you a full refund or you can join a lawsuit where lawyers will get you a full refund as well but, they get to keep up to half for themselves. I can't believe people agree to give someone else half their money for essentially nothing. CD Projekt is offering a refund; just take that if you want. More money for you, less spending on lawyers for them. Everyone wins; except the greedy lawyers.

  10. Now that Japanese games are also getting censored on Xbox Series X too we can expect Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to fail in Japan as Japanese devs will ditch the Xbox. Sony moved all operation to California which is now making PlayStation begin to fail in Japan. Now it'll be PlayStation and Xbox competing in Japan to see who does better the other while Nintendo laughs at Sony and Microsoft.

  11. I think Sony should be deeply concerned about the loss of staff in Japan Studio. While over the course of the last console generation, Playstation has shifted heavily into a more global brand and the direction of the company is largely controlled in the West, I still find this deeply problematic. As someone who prefers the work of Japanese developers, the last thing I want is to be stuck having to play Japanese games on a PC, which is what will happen if the Playstation brand fails in Japan.

  12. I got my daughter a Switch Lite for Christmas. I bought it about a month prior to Christmas near Black Friday and I made damn sure to open that thing up, charge it, update it, and apply a screen protector. Then it went back in the box and wrapped up as if it was never touched.

  13. I feel like this title needs some punctuation. I read it as that someone has announced faceplates for the PS5 that are somehow calling out Sony and Cyberpunk (like the faceplates have text on them that says "f**k Sony and Cyberpunk!"), for which they face a big lawsuit

  14. CD Project Red is a small developing house. I wonder if they'll keep making games if that lawsuit goes through. It would suck if they worked on this for 7 years only to be ruined by it. Doesn't really inspire publishers to try something risky and new.

  15. I actually had to LOL about that enjoying your holiday comment. I’m grown. I have to spend all my time staying up for two days straight cooking all that good food and taking care of all the shit so that people can come and eat then leave. Then pass the hell out because I am wore the hell out. Enjoy the holidays ?

    No PS5 or XB1 under the tree for me. Only a giant FU from my employer who didn’t even do as much as send a “pound sand up your ass this holiday season” email. Tell your kids to stay away from the art field. No money, no respect and no future here.