President Biden & VP Harris at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery

January 20, 2021 10 Views

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  1. I’ve never understood this memorial….. there are thousands of unknown warriors we have buried. But regardless this man would probably be pissed at the current shenanigans the establishment is pulling….. probably would have “stormed” the capitol. A Clint Eastwood mentality if you will…

  2. Study, enlarge inaugural photos of the back of Biden's neck from his left side – big gap where his mask separates at base of his neck. can't miss gap zoom in. What happened to real Joe Biden? Is he alive? Where? Is he in ICU, on life support from another brain aneurysm, or stroke, or another fall? Who is the guy pretending to be sworn in as Biden? Why do Kamala, Jill, Obamas, others conspire to inaugurate a Biden impersonator as our 46th President? Fake mask wearing not-Joe-Biden is no one's President.

  3. Beautiful performance of Taps. His name is Matthew Byrne. Alumnus of Ithaca College and University of Louisville and current member of The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” — he performs with the ceremonial band element of the unit.