Hitman 3 PC Analysis: PS5/Series X Comparisons, Optimised Settings, Improvements Over Consoles+More

January 23, 2021 16 Views

Here’s how the PC version of Hitman 3 scales beyond the console version via top-end settings, how it compares to PS5 and Series X and our recommended settings for the best balance of performance and features. And of course, Alex Battaglia lets you know what’s what.

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  1. There's definitely going to be an update for the PS5 version.

    PS4 pro version runs at 1800p, X1X runs at 2160p. The PS5 version uses the same base 1800p version from PS4, while XSX uses the base X1X 2160p version. The only difference is the fps count being unlocked from 30fps to a capped 60fps.

  2. Tech geek channel: let me tell you how to leave a like and where the bell is and what it does.

    When will YouTubers see that people will do that if they feel like it. WE DO NOT SUFFER FROM ALZHEIMERS!

  3. You guys say, use this setting instead of the standard console setting… its not the standard console setting. It is for the ps5. Its not for the series x. Kind of disenguous by implying the series x uses the same lower settings as the ps5. Thats not the case.

  4. Xbox series x has the best console version yet the Ps5 is used as a benchmark for console vs PC, this is y Xbox will never get the mindshare. They started the generation poor and they can't recover from that.

  5. This is an interesting comparison and I would say the console version is not properly optimized (especially for the ps5) or the pc version is just very well optimized. In every other comparison black ops Cold War, Valhalla, the ps5 performs better than a 2070super in rasterization but here it’s performing 20 percent worse. Doesn’t really make sense. And even comparing the ps5 / series x, they are only 15 percent apart compared to every graphics card. So I’m not sure why the ps5 got such a lower resolution and settings. Still happy to play the game as is but something is a miss here for the ps5.

  6. You fail to ever mention that the Series X version uses higher quality shadows than the PS5 version? Also, why did you choose not to use the Series X version as your primary benchmark for consoles since it is the better performing at native 4k….

  7. I can't believe how stupid this microscopic pixels difference searching is! If the game is great to play you'll see no difference on any platform when playing (PS5/Xbox Series X & S/PS4/Xbox One/Windows) you're just enjoying it. BUT if the gameplay is boring or disappointing not even 10 times better graphics than this can save the game.