EREN VS REINER BEGINS! Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 BREAKDOWN

January 25, 2021 14 Views

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  1. Hey just wanted to say this episode your talking about is episode 6. Episode 7 won’t premiere till next Sunday. Haha when I first saw the title of this video, I immediately went to both my funimation and Crunchyroll accounts to look and see if episode 7 had already come out, I was super excited. However it must be a typo. Anyways great video AOT is so epic, this final season is absolutely amazing!!!

  2. Eren only has the power of 2 titans, cause he can't use the power of the founding titan. If he could, i think this entire battle would have gone much differently. Also, when you was talking about how eren used the jaw titan to crush the war-hammer titan's shell. I totally agree. I remember thinking jus eat her already. I found it so satisfying especially how hopeless the marleyeans and the honorary marleyeans felt, it was sweat revenge I was waiting for from season one.